Clean slate tougher for young democracy

Dear Corruption Watch, I know that corruption is not a problem unique to South Africa, but are we more corrupt than most countries? Is corruption in a developing country such as ours potentially more dangerous for society than in a wealthier country? – Seeking Comparison Dear Seeking Comparison, Transparency International is an organisation that highlights Read more >

We need a way out of this impasse

Dear Corruption Watch, I’ve read that an NGO has taken the President to the Constitutional Court to force him to appoint a permanent National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP).  Why would they want him to be the one to make the appointment since President Zuma has a personal interest in the matter? Since the DA Read more >

Benefit bought or sought is a crime

Dear Corruption Watch All this “name-dropping” for special favours or contracts or landing rights at air force bases really ticks me off. I assume it’s not against any laws, but the results are so clearly corrupt that it should be. Is it possible to criminalise the peddling of influence? — Friendless in high places Corruption Read more >

Errant civil servants should not be rehired

Dear Corruption Watch,   More than 50 people in the government department for which I work have clouds of corruption following them around. Many of them, as evidence mounts, are resigning before they can be charged or disciplinary procedures initiated against them. If they continue their behaviour in their next positions a corrupt public services becomes more entrenched. What can be done? Read more >

Impartial prosecutors vital for true justice

Dear Corruption Watch, Glynnis Breytenbach was recently found not guilty on all the disciplinary counts brought against her by the NPA.One of the allegations was that she favoured mining company, Sishen Iron Ore, in the criminal case against Imperial Crown Trading and that she failed to follow up on the counter-allegations made by Imperial against Sishen. Read more >

Enraged by release of whistleblower’s murderers

Dear Corruption Watch I read in the papers the other day that the convicted killers of North West corruption whistleblower Moss Phakoe have been released on bail. How can convicted criminals be set free? What kind of message is that giving out about our justice system and how seriously we take the plight of whistleblowers? Read more >

State’s trick to avoid paying up

Dear Corruption Watch I am a contractor. I have done quite a lot of work for local government. The contracts I get are usually awarded after a tender is advertised and I have submitted a bid. A few years ago, I got a phone call from the head of a government department. He said that Read more >

There’s no such thing as a free safari

Dear Corruption Watch I am employed as a junior member in the South African Police Service (SAPS).  My unit has been renting a building from a private owner for a number of years now, for which we pay a considerable amount every month.  The owner of the building wants to send the whole police unit Read more >

Whistleblower’s killers get bail for now: here’s why

By Corruption Watch reporter The two men convicted of murdering Rustenburg councillor and corruption whistleblower Moss Phakoe in 2012 are out on bail after new evidence emerged and their application for leave to appeal was granted. Corruption Watch looks at the legal processes at play here and asks the National Prosecuting Authority for an explanation. Read more >