State’s trick to avoid paying up

Dear Corruption Watch I am a contractor. I have done quite a lot of work for local government. The contracts I get are usually awarded after a tender is advertised and I have submitted a bid. A few years ago, I got a phone call from the head of a government department. He said that Read more >

There’s no such thing as a free safari

Dear Corruption Watch I am employed as a junior member in the South African Police Service (SAPS).  My unit has been renting a building from a private owner for a number of years now, for which we pay a considerable amount every month.  The owner of the building wants to send the whole police unit Read more >

Whistleblower’s killers get bail for now: here’s why

By Corruption Watch reporter The two men convicted of murdering Rustenburg councillor and corruption whistleblower Moss Phakoe in 2012 are out on bail after new evidence emerged and their application for leave to appeal was granted. Corruption Watch looks at the legal processes at play here and asks the National Prosecuting Authority for an explanation. Read more >

Using money to secure privileges is corruption

Dear Corruption Watch Why is everybody in such an uproar over the Guptas? Why does it matter that they landed a private Jet at Waterkloof air base? Unconcerned   Dear Unconcerned Waterkloof air base is reserved for military and diplomatic use. None of the passengers on board the private jet were government officials or VIP’s Read more >

Who is overpaying all these teachers?

Dear Corruption Watch, The Auditor-General's recent report on the Department of Education surprisingly contains an amount in the millions spent on unauthorised remuneration of employees. Does the government not pay employees according to a grading system? What could be causes of exceeding the remuneration budget? And does the law allow for this? Yours, Child Advocate Read more >

Bill gives officials wide powers

Dear Corruption Watch With the new Draft Licensing of Businesses Bill to leave more and more administrative discretion up to public servants, it seems to me that opportunities will multiply for them to ask for ‘contributions’ and/or businesses to offer bribes or other favours. How best can we regulate business appropriately without allowing too much Read more >

Will to root out corruption still a challenge

Dear Corruption Watch, Is there no list somewhere of fraudulent and corrupt employees in government?  Disgraced public officials continue to be 're-deployed'. For instance, a chief director was dismissed for fraud but was still allowed to act as COO in the same department. The same official was then made chief director in local government. How Read more >

Zuma’s praise for public servants is misplaced

Dear Corruption Watch I see that President Jacob Zuma has recently praised public servants for a job well done. This is at odds with recent press on greedy public servants lining their pockets. Is our president's praise misplaced? — Confused Dear Confused We are aware of the president's congratulatory letter to the public servants, which Read more >

What about ‘name and shame’?

Dear Corruption Watch Public Works Minister Thulas Nxesi recently announced the steps he is taking to root out corruption and collusion in his department. He says he can tell us what is being investigated but cannot tell us who, in business and government are implicated because there are laws which prevent him from disclosing names. Read more >