Media Invitation

Youth Integrity Dialogue: Corruption as a hindrance for youth employment

Corruption Watch, in collaboration with Harambe Youth Employment Accelerator and Livity Africa, will be hosting a Youth Integrity Dialogue on 29 June 2017 in Eldorado Park in Johannesburg.

Employment corruption remains one of the most prevalent types of corruption, and it’s one that the public continuously reports to Corruption Watch. Over the past year, the organisation has received complaints alleging corruption across the employment spectrum. Some of the recurring themes include:

  • Sextortion
  • Buying and selling of posts
  • Allocation of posts to politically connected individual
  • Falsification of qualifications
  • Unclear or absence of proper reporting channels at the work place
  • Victimisation
  • Corruption at the CCMA.

Young people from various disciplines, and also including unemployed youth and labour specialists, will have a panel discussion around the role played by corruption in the struggle for employment of young people in South Africa.

Corruption Watch will also host an anti-corruption activation which will consist of an exhibition stand showcasing a variety of phrases commonly used in the advancement of corrupt transactions e.g. fifty yaColi, brown envelope, grease my palm, and others. The activation will include a built-in microphone boosted by a loudhailer and young people will be prompted to shout out against corruption.

Details are as follows:

Date          : 29 June 2017
Venue      : JD Opperman Hall, Eldorado Park
Time         : 12h00 till 16h00

RSVP to Phemelo Khaas on 083 763 3472 or