Between 2015 and 2018 we published a series of six corruption-related stories aimed at our youth supporters. The stories were developed in collaboration with the FunDza Literacy Trust, and reflect real-life scenarios that many young people find themselves in. Problems with an NSFAS student loan, exposing driver’s licence corruption, deciding whether to blow the whistle on a relationship between a fellow student and a lecturer, and more – these stories pose questions for the reader to think about, and offer advice by example on what to do in each case.

The good news is that our stories are now available to be downloaded as e-books, in either PDF or epub format. You will need an epub reader for Android, iOS, Windows or Mac to open the e-books, and there are many that can open PDFs as well. Choose whichever format suits you best, and get reading!

Or read online:

It’s time | Innocence Betrayed | Licensed to Lie | The Whistleblowers | Pay-off | Reputation Thieves