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Malaysia PM sacks deputy amid corruption scandal

Najib Razak announces cabinet reshuffle after his deputy asked him for explanation of alleged fraud at investment fund. – Al Jazeera

UK to hold ‘anti-corruption summit’ in 2016

UK prime minister David Cameron will hold an international “anti corruption” summit in London next year as he announced a major crackdown on “dirty money” UK property purchases. – Financial Times

Africa’s top 10 countries for anti-corruption

Bribery and a lack of transparency have long been a challenge to growth in Africa, where 80% of the population live on less than $2 a day. Obama called corruption Africa’s “biggest impediment to further growth” and urged Kenyans to hold “visible” trials to tackle the problem. – WEF Agenda

UK to hold ‘anti-corruption summit’ in 2016

UK prime-minister David Cameron will hold an international “anti-corruption” summit in London next year as he announced a major crackdown on “dirty money” UK property purchases. – Financial Times

Is it game over for money laundering in London’s property market?

Today, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced that the UK will publish information on property owned by foreign companies. In a speech in Singapore David Cameron said: “The UK must not become a safe haven for corrupt money from around the world”. He has committed to starting a central register of land owned by overseas companies this autumn, and will be consulting on whether to introduce a register of beneficial ownership of land in the future. – Tax Justice Network

Aspiring to impunity in Lebanon

Lebanese citizens feel helpless in a society in which corruption becomes the only means of survival. – Al Jazeera

Rome mayor fights for survival amid eternal city chaos

It boasts some of the most prized archaeological sites in the world, but modern-day Rome, plagued by the mafia, has descended into a grimy and dishevelled chaos where its beleaguered mayor is fighting for his political life. – Yahoo News

Corruption hurts refugees in South Africa

Corruption is pervasive throughout the asylum process in South Africa, according to a report published this month. – South Africa News

Are anonymous companies a ‘getaway vehicle for corruption’?

The B Team’s Mo Ibrahim decries corruption and explains why effective businesses do not require anonymous companies to succeed. – The Guardian

China’s Anti-corruption Campaign Recovers $6.23-billion

The Chinese government’s anti-corruption campaign has recovered 38.7 billion yuan ($6.23 billion) in pecuniary loss since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 2012, according to a government official. –

How tribalism and corruption thrives in Universities

On the 24th of July 2015, students in Moi University marked the historic calendar by voting in the 29th student governing council in what has been termed as the most controversial elections in the history of Moi University. – Standard Digital