Image: A community engagement in Thabong (Welkom), as part of our work for Project Larona. Larona focuses on the creation of platforms for land right holders in mine-affected areas, so they may actively participate in decision-making processes.

Corruption Watch is a non-profit organisation that uses information supplied by the public to fight corruption and to hold leaders to account.

We have been striving to create a corruption-free South Africa since 2012.

We conduct our work in a spirit of integrity, transparency, openness and accountability. And we co-operate with a diverse range of organisations and individuals to ensure that we represent every segment of society that is, or could potentially be, affected by corruption.

We communicate

We provide a platform for reporting corruption. Through this platform, you can safely, securely and confidentially share any incidents of corruption that you experience or observe. Our communication channels include our website, a WhatsApp number, social media, email and post.

We investigate

We investigate selected reports of alleged acts of corruption, especially those that run the risk of severely affecting our society. We hand our findings over to the relevant authorities to take further action and we monitor the progress of each case. We also work with mainstream and community media to ensure that corruption is fully exposed through our investigative work.

We research

We gather and analyse information to identify patterns and corruption hotspots, and prepare reports to expose and find solutions to these findings. Using our own communication platforms and the media, we share our research with the public, as well as non-governmental organisations and public sector bodies that stand to be undermined by corruption.

We mobilise

We build campaigns that mobilise people to take a stand against corruption. Our campaigns involve the public, community groups, and other organisations, such as trade unions.