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By Ntombi Nkosi
First published on IOL

Opposition parties have vowed to continue to fight corruption to ensure ethical governance in South Africa.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) said it will continue to fight for the goodwill of the people, ensuring that they “leave no stone unturned” in cases of injustice, maladministration and corruption.

This is the party that has given President Cyril Ramaphosa sleepless nights with the Phala Phala “farmgate” scandal in which the theft of millions of US dollars was not reported to the police.

According to the ATM, Ramaphosa violated several provisions of the Constitution, including Section 96, sub-section 2(A) and the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.

The party is taking the fight over the Phala Phala saga to the Constitutional Court where it will oppose the bid by Ramaphosa to review and set aside the report of the Section 89 panel.

Earlier last month, the party said they have instructed their legal team to file an opposing affidavit to Ramaphosa’s bid to have the Constitutional Court declare the panel’s report of the S89 Independent Panel invalid.

ATM president Vuyo Zungula was cited as a fifth respondent in the application filed in the apex court.

Only the UDM, ATM and EFF made submissions to the panel when MPs were asked to make submissions.

“Only through collective efforts can the country be turned around. We implore citizens to actively work towards transforming the country for a better tomorrow. As a party, we will ensure that our work in Parliament, legislatures and municipalities reflects our values of leading from a servant leadership perspective,” said Zungula.

“We wish all South Africans and our tourists a blessed 2023, filled with happiness and love, praying for every citizen to be safe in the roads as we officially mark the end of the festive season,” he added.

“As the party that was voted in by the people, we will continue to be the voice of the many voiceless, hoping that South Africa wakes up to the reality of new ethical governance.”

The biggest opposition party, the DA, in 2022 challenged ANC cadre deployment corruption in court. They called out the increased load shedding and put proposals on the table to cut food costs and slash fuel prices.

“So we ask that you use 2023 to picture this potential; try to imagine what South Africa could look like if we were just able to change a number of critical things. If we were to reduce our high crime numbers, if we were to bring down the cost of food, if we were to direct all the resources and budget of the state towards delivering services, if we were to prioritise our children’s education, safety and nutrition, if we want to build a state with qualified people capable of actually delivering all of these things,” said DA leader John Steenhuisen.

“Just think what such a South Africa could look like. And I assure you, it is all possible. We can achieve all of this, but only if enough of us pull together in that direction. So let us use this year to visualise what it is we want for our country. And then make it real through our votes. I wish you all the best for 2023 Happy New Year South Africa.”

Giving its New Year’s message to South Africans, Cope said: “the future is in your hands”.

The party said 2022 was a year when unemployment reached crisis proportions, resulting in increased poverty and more people going to bed on empty stomachs.

“The long-awaited Zondo Commission on State Capture and Corruption report was handed over to Ramaphosa and made public. The most shameful and disgusting corruption was exposed,” said Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem.

The EFF will celebrate 10 years of its existence in July 2023, and the party said there remains a primary task of securing state power in order to drastically change the lives of South Africans.

“May we cross over into the New Year with an added commitment and resilience, to defeat the historical enemies of our people, remove their puppets from power and return the land and the wealth of Africa to Africans.

“The New Year’s Resolution of the EFF and all of its members must be the attainment of the means of production, massive voter registration and political education of the 1 085 843 members recruited in 2022. Let there be no retreat and no surrender,” said EFF national spokesperson Sinawo Thambo.