Our Youth Month coverage kicks off with a rousing call to arms by Sbusiso Leope – better known as DJ Sbu – as he encourages the young people of South Africa to get actively involved in fighting corruption. After all, it's their future that is at stake, and the power to tackle the scourge is in their hands.

Sbu, also the executive chairman of the Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation, has written an inspirational blog post for Corruption Watch, reminding them that freedom in South Africa has come at a great cost, and that it should not be compromised by corruption.

"South Africa is a country that worked hard for its freedom, so its citizens cannot just sit back and watch corruption reign and tarnish the fruits of our democracy", wrote Sbu.

"38 years ago, on 16 June, young students in Soweto took to the streets to stand up against the oppressive apartheid regime. Their bravery made an impact on our history and will be remembered for generations to come. The 1976 uprising signifies the power that youth have in holding leaders accountable for their actions. Instead of just complaining about the leaders of this country, go out and do or say something about it."

Read the full piece on Corruption Watch Connected now.



DJ Sbu has made a call to South Africa’s young people to not stand idly by while corruption eats away at their future prospects. He urges them to go out and do something about it!
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