Network science may predict political corruption scandals

A new study submitted, and accepted, in January 2018 for publication in the Journal of Complex Networks, indicates that partners in future corruption scandals can successfully be predicted using network science. The 20-page document analysed well-documented political corruption scandals in Brazil over the past 27 years, focusing on the dynamical structure of networks where two Read more >

Global corruption snapshots: 09 Apr 2015

‘The day I stood up alone’ Photographer Boniface Mwangi wanted to protest against corruption in his home country of Kenya. So he made a plan: He and some friends would stand up and heckle during a public mass meeting. But when the moment came … he stood alone. – Arvind Kejriwal revives anti-corruption helpline Read more >

Global corruption snapshots: 15 January 2015

Wikileaks for Africa? Introducing Afrileaks A new service launched on 13 January hopes to safely connect whistle-blowers with investigative journalists, encouraging a ‘new culture of accountability and justice’ across the African continent. It’s the first of its kind to provide ongoing technical training in how to “verify and investigate the quality of leaks”. (The Guardian). Read more >