Tools to fight corruption at your school

By Valencia Talane and Kavisha Pillay Need to know how to fight the abuse of power and resources in your child’s school? Check out our easy-to-use toolkit that will guide you on the right questions to ask, so you can address the right issues and hold the right people accountable.   YOUR SCHOOL GOVERNING BODY Read more >

School corruption tip-offs rising steadily

Since kicking off our schools campaign in January this year, the number of complaints about corruption in schools has increased dramatically. In March we recorded a total of 68 tip-offs, but by the end of July, this figure had passed the 200-mark. See our infographic explaining the trends here. The complaints indicate that principals and Read more >

School heads in the firing line yet again

Here’s a snapshot of some of the schools incidents* we’ve received from the public recently, so you can get a feel for the kind of trends we're picking up: principals exposed again, this time for nepotism, keeping teachers in the dark about school finances, and taking money meant for paying a school’s utility bill. Principal Read more >

Political barons demanding tjo-tjo from elderly!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the corruption incidents* we’ve received from the public recently, so you can get a feel for the kind of trends we're picking up: nepotism and bribery the order of the day at education departments and political barons in a certain township taking advantage of elderly residents desperate for RDP Read more >

Maladministration and money missing!

Image Excerpt The most prevalent word in schools complaints from Gauteng is “maladministration”. Cases of money missing, principals and treasurers not being transparent with finances, and corruption in contracts for stationery also come up a lot. What word would you use to describe the corruption at your school? File Upload WORDS.jpg

Surge of schools complaints from Soweto

Image Excerpt In analysing the complaints we’ve received from the public about corruption in schools in Gauteng, we picked up that Soweto and Randburg are particular hotspots. Does your area come up in this graph? File Upload GRAPH.jpg File Upload WORDS.jpg

Corruption snapshots: 2013 so far …

By Kavisha Pillay It’s tough to keep up with the scandals continually staining our rainbow nation, so to make the task that much more manageable, Corruption Watch has drawn up a timeline of events. It’s quick and easy to check progress on graft cases, and catch up on new corruption stories. Like a one-stop shop, Read more >

We expose fraud at Soweto school after tip-off

By Gcina Ntsaluba Corruption Watch has found gross fraud and financial misconduct at a Soweto public school, Thubelihle Intermediate. Read the press release here. Following a tip-off from angry and exasperated teachers, Corruption Watch began a three-month investigation into allegations of financial misconduct levelled against the school principal and the former chair of the school Read more >