Bribe refusal leads to arrest of criminal

It did not seem like a tall ask. He offered R500 to a police officer towards some “cold drink” to help get himself out of trouble and keep the cops off his trail. But the man, a suspect in a theft case, did not bargain on the cop refusing to be bribed. Once he was Read more >

Police’s graft tolerance feeds ‘code of silence’

By Chantelle Benjamin A new study has found a direct link between South African Police Service (SAPS) members’ willingness to report on law-breaking colleagues and the extent to which the guilty parties believe their colleagues will keep silent, as well as whether they believe action will be taken against the lawbreaker. Considering that a previous Read more >

Clean cops face dim fate – union

By Chantelle Benjamin Traffic officers who choose not to get involved in corruption face being ostracised, intimidated or edged out of their positions, according to researchers and unions involved with metro police departments. The situation is unlikely to improve without proper remuneration and training, and the political will to hold officials accountable, the sources say, Read more >