Unmask the Corrupt campaign page – South Africa

South Africa, like numerous other countries, has a strong legal framework of anti-corruption laws, but their implementation is not robust, and perpetrators are seldom punished. Those who engage in corruption are easily able to hide their ill-gotten gains in secret companies or those with opaque corporate ownership structures, or by laundering the proceeds into luxury goods Read more >

Minions merely follow the leader

By Kabelo Sedupane The resignation of IEC chairperson Pansy Tlakula reveals that there are consequences to the flouting of procurement rules and unethical conduct – however, the question remains as to whether the unauthorised expenditure of public funds should necessitate further investigations and harsher sanctions. Within a culture of rampant abuse of public funds, the Read more >

It is time to “Unmask the Corrupt” in South Africa

South Africa must make it much harder for the corrupt to hide their ill-gotten gains behind secret companies if the country wants to combat criminal activity in its financial system, Corruption Watch said today as it launched the "Unmask the Corrupt" campaign in South Africa. Transparency International national chapters in Australia, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Read more >

Governments, business “Unmask the Corrupt”

Corruption Watch will participate in a global campaign, “Unmask the Corrupt", launched on 19 June by Transparency International (TI). The campaign’s overarching objective is to end the impunity enjoyed by perpetrators of corruption. The specific campaign demands will make it easier to trace the proceeds of corruption and to prevent the perpetrators from enjoying the Read more >

The rot of corruption feeds on impunity of the powerful

by David Lewis The considerable advances since 1994 notwithstanding, South Africa is still confronted with huge challenges. Poverty, inequality and unemployment leap out. Public education and health systems are severely strained. Service delivery protests and crippling strikes manifest these social and economic conditions. Yet the issue that dominated last month’s elections was corruption. That corruption Read more >