Forensic probe to be launched into MalaMala land claim

In January 2016 we reported on the shady MalaMala land settlement deal and a joint investigation into the matter by Oxpeckers and Transparency International’s Land and Corruption in Africa programme. Questions were raised regarding the value of the deal, the speed at which it was pushed through, and the secrecy surrounding the proceedings. At the Read more >

Corruption and land: what the public have told us

By Valencia Talane Since launching in January 2012 Corruption Watch has received a sizeable number of complaints implicating the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform involving abuse of power, corruption in procurement processes and bribery. Because the majority of land changing hands between commercial farmers and formerly dispossessed communities is in the rural areas, Read more >

The dark heart of Utrecht

For many the idea of living in the countryside conjures up images of peace and serenity – and this can be felt while driving through the vast open lands of the Amantungwa clan in Utrecht, 50km outside Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal. You can immediately feel the tranquillity there. But beneath the façade of pastoral bliss is Read more >