TI: national security, transparency can co-exist

South Africa is one of 15 countries featured in a new report from Transparency International UK’s Defence and Security Programme. Titled Classified Information (A review of current legislation across 15 countries & the EU), the report was launched by TI’s Indonesian chapter and is the latest in the global organisation’s Corruption Risks series. It deals Read more >

Strengthening prosecutorial accountability in SA

As gatekeepers to the criminal justice system, prosecutors are its most powerful officials. Prosecutors’ considerable discretion – about whom to charge and for which crimes – affects the lives and fate of thousands of criminal suspects, and the safety and security of all citizens. Yet, in South Africa, no dedicated oversight and accountability mechanism scrutinises Read more >

Corruption challenges are different for small companies

By Janine Erasmus Big corporates have systems in place, personnel and financial resources to deal with legal and ethical challenges. They can absorb both planned and unexpected costs, including those related to corruption, with relative ease. But what if you are running a small business – how easy is it to stick to your standards, Read more >

Good business ethics should be second nature

By Janine Erasmus Part two of our private sector anti-corruption series profiles a one-woman company that works in the private and public spheres to strengthen ethical cultures in the workplace. Cynthia Schoeman believes that in South Africa there is a growing sense of the importance of a strong ethical culture. Compliance with anti-corruption regulations is Read more >

Revive plan for bureau to root out corruption

Opinion: Nicola Whitaker New Public Service and Administration Minister Collins Chabane appears to be confronting head-on his department’s task of transforming the public service into an "effective service delivery machine". Last week, the Business Day reported that Chabane sees rooting out corruption as part of his department’s normal work. On this score, he highlights the Read more >

Getting a grip on irregular expenditure in municipalities

Dear CW I am constantly reading about ‘irregular expenditure’ and ‘fruitless and wasteful expenditure’. What does this all mean? The Financial and Fiscal Commission said recently a whopping R4.7-billion was wasted in public healthcare spending. While few public servants with their hands in the cookie jar are prosecuted, fewer still seem to be held accountable for what also seems to be a Read more >

Wads of cash place legal onus on seller

Dear Corruption Watch, I was recently in a jewellery store when a customer walked in, selected a number of valuable pieces, took wads of cash from his briefcase, paid for his purchases and walked out. A friend of mine working in a similarly upmarket estate agency tells me that high-end properties are often purchased for Read more >

Municipalities improve corruption-reporting process

By Valencia Talane Protection for whistleblowers who report corruption within a municipality has been reinforced, thanks to new regulations that come into effect in July. The new Municipal Regulations on Financial Misconduct Procedures and Criminal Proceedings were gazetted into law on Friday 30 May. Through the Protected Disclosures Act (PDA), public officials who report acts Read more >

Laws are good, their enforcement not

Dear Corruption Watch, In what ways would your organisation like to see the new administration strengthening the legal and regulatory framework aimed at combating corruption? Observer Dear Observer, The biggest problem is not in the content of the law. It is our inadequate enforcement owing to a lack of political will and suitably skilled law Read more >