Taking their dirty deeds abroad

The FCPA Blog, which focuses on enforcement related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, has released its latest list of companies being investigated under the act. The blog has published this list since January 2011, and updates it regularly. The FCPA is a federal law of the US, and it applies to any person who Read more >

Success in legal challenge to Sanral secrecy ruling

By Tony Carnie First published in the Mercury Update: The Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein on Monday ruled in favour of the City of Cape Town by setting aside an order made by the Western Cape High Court on 28 August 2014 concerning the secrecy application of the South African National Roads Agency (Sanral). Read more >

Integrity unit to keep eye on govt – part three

In part one of our series we introduced the Public Administration Management Act, and part two highlighted positive and negative reactions to its enactment. Part three gives more detail on the Public Administration Ethics, Integrity and Disciplinary Technical Assistance Unit, which is established in chapter six of the PAM Act – it will aim to “provide technical assistance and Read more >

Still too many barriers to information, says PAIA CSN

Corruption Watch is a member of the PAIA Civil Society Network, an organisation whose members have committed themselves to improving the implementation and usage of the Promotion of Access to Information Act in South Africa, raising awareness about the right amongst citizens, and working with bodies subject to the Act to improve understanding. The organisation Read more >

New graft-busting unit unlikely to halt state scams

Dear Corruption Watch I see the president signed the Public Administration Management Act in December, establishing yet another anti-corruption agency. What contribution is this intended to make to combating corruption? Does this not duplicate existing anti-corruption agencies? Unconvinced Dear Unconvinced, The Public Administration Management Act created a gamut of new institutions that are intended to Read more >

Mixed reaction to PAM Act – part two

In part one of our series we introduced a keenly anticipated piece of legislation – the Public Administration Management (PAM) Act. In part two we examine some of the reactions to the Act, and in the third and final part we will discuss the proposed integrity unit. In December 2014 President Jacob Zuma signed the Read more >

New law to tighten public administration – part one

Our new three-part series takes a closer look at the newly enacted Public Administration Management Act. Part one introduces the legislation. In part two, read about reactions to the Act and in part three, we take a closer look at the state’s plans for its proposed integrity unit. In December President Jacob Zuma signed the Public Administration Management Read more >

Planning for OECD phase 4 is under way

Phase 4 monitoring of the implementation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) anti-bribery convention will soon get under way. The fourth phase, driven by the working group on bribery (WGB), is currently in the planning stage – the WGB recently called for comment from interested organisations, institutions and parties on how the Read more >

Private sector is not untainted

Dear Corruption Watch, I understand that when a private citizen or firm bribes a public official to secure a contract, both are involved in corrupt conduct and are subject to the anti-corruption act. But what if a private sector supplier bribes a procurement officer in a private firm? And can conduct that only involves private Read more >