Some (semi-serious) fun with AI-generated anti-corruption content

By Matthew StephensonFirst published on the Global Anticorruption Blog Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest Matthew Stephenson, professor of law at Harvard Law School, tested ChatGPT’s ability to generate something readable, based on some common questions around anti-corruption practices. The results, he writes, show that the AI text generator may indeed be able to play Read more >

No panacea for corruption – so do we need to keep spelling it out?

By Matthew StephensonFirst published on Global Anticorrutpion blog I’m taking another one of my periodic breaks from semi-serious commentary to make a mostly frivolous, slightly snarky point about the way we talk and write about corruption. Here’s my plea for today: Every sensible person would presumably agree that there’s no panacea (that is, no single Read more >