Corruption affects everything and everybody

By Melusi Ncala It is widely accepted that the spreading of corruption erodes many facets of our society and its ramifications are serious for all concerned. There are those among us who may want to contest this sentiment, to argue that some people are immune from being victims as they are the wrongdoers. But this Read more >

Nkandla SMS initiative set up

By Janine Erasmus Accountability (noun): the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility (Oxford). If the Public Members Unit Team (PMUT) has its way, South Africans will be paying for the R247-million upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s private Nkandla residence not once – but twice. And Number One won’t bear the burden of accountability any Read more >

We need more than profit to grow a future

With South African general elections the biggest news story of the moment, citizens are more than ever conscious of the need to hold their leaders accountable for misuse of power and public funds. A number of corruption-related scandals that surfaced in the months leading up to 7 May gave many people cause to think carefully about Read more >