No panacea for corruption – so do we need to keep spelling it out?

By Matthew StephensonFirst published on Global Anticorrutpion blog I’m taking another one of my periodic breaks from semi-serious commentary to make a mostly frivolous, slightly snarky point about the way we talk and write about corruption. Here’s my plea for today: Every sensible person would presumably agree that there’s no panacea (that is, no single Read more >

e-Governance: a useful anti-corruption tool?

Many organisations today use online technology to do business, arrange insurance and comply with regulations governing their sectors. The removal of the human element from these transactions helps make them efficient and nearly error-free, much to the satisfaction of those engaging. But can we safely say that e-governance processes work in eliminating the potential of Read more >

Technology can boost active citizenship – if chosen well

By Indra de Lanerolle First published in The Conversation – Africa Civic technology initiatives are on the rise. They are using new information and communication technologies to improve transparency, accountability and governance – faster and more cheaply than before. In Taiwan, for instance, tech activists have built online databases to track political contributions and create channels for public Read more >

Mexican citizens fight corruption via smartphones

By Antonio Garza The governor of Puebla stepped down in July, stuffing some $900 000 in his pockets on the way out. It’s not a particularly unusual occurrence in Mexico, and you’ve likely heard about similar cases taking place across the country. But if you missed this particular story, don’t worry too much — it Read more >