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Take our police survey.

Corruption Watch and the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) have established a joint public awareness campaign that focuses on the process resulting in the critical appointments of the South African Police Service (SAPS) national commissioner and the head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (the Hawks). We believe that both appointments require a transparent selection process against clear merit-based criteria as recommended in the National Development Plan adopted by the Cabinet in 2012.

Implementing these recommendations would serve two important functions:

  1. Both the public and police officials would be better apprised of the abilities and characteristics that the new appointee would bring to the job. An appropriately experienced appointee whose integrity was beyond reproach would therefore enjoy an enhanced level of support from both the public and the police and would more effectively drive plans aimed at improving the performance of the organisation that they are tasked with leading .
  2. Proper screening and vetting would ensure that the individual selected is less likely to become embroiled in scandals that may emerge after their appointment, thereby resulting in distraction and discord at a senior leadership level.

One of our key activities for the campaign is to engage the public about the ideal characteristics and qualities that they would like to see in the SAPS National Commissioner and the Head of the Hawks. We hope that these will be taken into consideration in the process of recruiting and appointing individuals to these crucial posts.

The survey is completely anonymous and any data obtained will be aggregated in order to produce our ideal police chief, to be shared with the general public. This survey is not compulsory but we would appreciate your time and opinion in helping us ensure that we get the right people who will improve policing and build trust in our law enforcement agencies.

Take our police survey.