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My Covid-19 story: Khuthalo Mahlangu, a grade 5 learner

The Department of Basic Education should have planned properly for the shutdown when they realised and found out about the virus and alerted the nation and made us aware of the virus. The department failed to think and plan when schools closed, especially in the townships. They didn’t think about our safety, well-being and education. Many children still continue to just roam around the township while others play, which would result in them infecting one another.

Not having access to the internet

Many children continue to play and roam around the streets since they don’t have access to the internet, so, the Department of Basic Education together with the Department of Science and Technology and also with network providers should work together to make sure no more children continue to roam around the streets.      

Where is the food for poor children?

I ask myself why the Department of Social Services and the Department of Education don’t think about the children who only get food when they are at school. Most of the children who go to township school are poor and their parents are not working. But I don’t think the departments has thought of giving these children food parcels as they are at home for the 21 days. What will happen to them?

Some people don’t understand the dangers of going out

In many communities, children continue to play as they wish and actually elder people walk around the streets in groups, sharing drinks from mouth to mouth. Do they know the risk they are taking? They are risking their lives by not respecting the law. They should take care of their children and make sure they are safe and don’t get infected by the deadly virus.

We need to respect the law and stay in the house, always. I beg you all.

 My personal experience

My personal experience about the lockdown is that people continue to do as they please, as if nothing is wrong. Some people have shown disrespect to the law that said people should not be seen outside. Children see older people who are not listening to the law, and if parents and older people can start to behave in a good way and be responsible, children won’t go out to play.

The police should patrol the communities to make sure that children stay in the house, so there won’t be contact and touching. 

I pray for the best.