The education department must act to curb infection

My Covid-19 story: Khuthalo Mahlangu, a grade 5 learner The Department of Basic Education should have planned properly for the shutdown when they realised and found out about the virus and alerted the nation and made us aware of the virus. The department failed to think and plan when schools closed, especially in the townships. Read more >

Our relentless fight against corruption in schools in SA

By Tara DavisFirst published on Etico The idea that education is the key tool to alleviating poverty may be reductionist, but it’s not wrong. Education has the potential to create economic opportunities and upward social mobility. It is a particularly important tool in South Africa where there is an urgent need for access to redress, Read more >

Uncooperative education depts stall CW investigations

By Kwazi Dlamini When we investigate a report, it is of paramount importance for us to give a right of reply to anyone implicated. However, this comes with a lot of waiting and non-responses, especially from government departments, and the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDOE) is no exception. It is not unheard of for Read more >

“No-fee” schools turn away children who can’t pay

By Cally Ballack First published on South African schools are divided into five categories known as quintiles. The quintiles range from the poorest to the least poor, with quintile 1 being the poorest 20% of schools in the country. Quintile 5 covers the least poor public schools and parents of children who go to Read more >

Some relief for Eastern Cape schools

By Valencia Talane In November 2013 Corruption Watch reported on a case of bad service delivery at an Eastern Cape school that had no chairs or desks for its learners. In fact, according to the principal, the school had received no new furniture in the 23 years that she had been there. For many years, Read more >

CW calls for probe of school feeding scheme tender

Corruption Watch has written to the Mpumalanga Department of Education calling for an urgent probe into the irregular tender awarded by the department to a number of private companies, for the management and supply of bulk foodstuffs to schools in the province. “Our public finance management laws require state departments to investigate any allegations of Read more >

Corruption Watch sees spike in schools reports

By Valencia Talane Nepotism, stealing public money and extortion: not really the crimes you’d associate with institutions of learning, but they’re crippling many of our country’s public schools – as recent reports from concerned teachers, parents and community members shows. • Also read Stealing hope from the next generation Corruption Watch has recorded an upsurge Read more >

Corruption Watch flooded with state school complaints

By Zaheer Cassim When a public official steals millions of rand through nepotism and shady deals, there is generally a public outcry for that person to be removed from office. Sadly, this same zeal for justice does not filter down to public schools, where thousands of learners are short-changed by corrupt principals and teachers. Over Read more >