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Commission of Inquiry into State CaptureThe Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State

Background and context of Corruption Watch’s interest in the state capture commission

The work of Corruption Watch is driven by the reports of corruption that whistle-blowers bring to us. The success of the Zondo Commission will, in large part, depend equally on whistle-blowers to provide it with the evidence it needs to effectively investigate state capture. Download an overview of the commission from a Corruption Watch point of view:

Zondo Commission overview and context for Corruption Watch

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August 2018

Testimony from day 2 – 21 August 2018

The National Treasury’s acting chief procurement officer, Ndleleni Mathebula, unpacked the inner workings of government’s massive procurement system.

Ndleleni Mathebula

22 and 23 August 2018

The commission is on recess for two days until Friday, 24 August 2018.

What is a commission of inquiry?

In order to understand the complexities of the Zondo Commission, it is very important to also understand what a commission of inquiry is, its origins in this country, and what level of authority it has. This opinion piece, first published in City Press in November 2016, provides this information under the title Do commissions of inquiry have teeth?.

The short voice note discussions answer the following questions:

  1. Under what circumstances would a commission of inquiry need to be established? English / isiZulu / Setswana
  2. Does the South African criminal justice system have adequate power to prosecute  and convict on corruption-related crimes? If they did have sufficient powers, wouldn’t it prevent the need for establishing commissions of inquiry? English / isiZulu / Setswana
  3. What authorities/powers do commissions of inquiries have? English / isiZulu / Setswana
  4. What should we as South Africans hope for the Zondo Commission to achieve? English / isiZulu / Setswana

24 August 2018

Former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas delivered extraordinary testimony of how he was approached by a member of the Gupta family and offered a bribe of R600-million to take over as finance minister and work according to the Guptas’ agenda.

Mcebisi Jonas

Jonas’ full testimony

Video clip 1 / video clip 2

Day 4 and 5 – 27 and 28 August 2018

Vytjie Mentor

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor started her testimony by providing context to her early meetings with the Guptas and former president Jacob Zuma. On day two she gave details of a meeting at the Gupta home in Saxonwold, at which Jacob Zuma was present, as well as an indication of the lack of interest from ANC leadership at her concerns expressed in this regard.

Vytjie Mentor part 1  | Vytjie Mentor part 2

Mentor has a strongly supportive family who travelled long distances to be with her as she testified. We spoke to her sister to find out what makes this brave woman tick.

Vytjie Mentor through her sister’s eyes

Day 5 and 6 – 28 and 29 August 2018

In his testimony, former GCIS head Themba Maseko echoed Jonas and Mentor in questioning the conduct of the Hawks.

Themba Maseko part 1  |  Themba Maseko part 2  |  Themba Maseko part 3

CASAC to oppose extension

CASAC intends to oppose the extension of the commission’s period of operation. Read the organisation’s rationale here.

31 August and 3 September 2018

Acting DG of the government communication and information system, Phumla Williams, testified that former communications minister Faith Muthambi damaged the organisation to an extent that it will take some time to recover.

Phumla Williams part 1  |  Phumla Williams part 2

September 2018

4 September 2018

Faith Muthambi responded to Phumla Williams, describing her as ’emotionally unhinged’.

Faith Muthambi

6 September 2018

Justice Zondo heard applications from implicated persons, to cross-examine those who named them.

Applications to cross-examine

10 September 2018

Jan Gilliland, a senior official within the National Treasury, testified that the Guptas got just under R250-million in payments from government for their media companies.

Jan Gilliland

13 September 2018

The Gupta brothers Ajay and Rakesh, who are currently in Dubai, have tried to force the hand of the Zondo Commission by imposing conditions under which they would testify. Consequently, their application was denied.

Zondo denies Guptas

13 September 2018

Justice Zondo has granted Duduzane Zuma permission to cross-examine Mcebisi Jonas, who implicated him in the Guptas’ offer to him of money and a top cabinet position, provided he would do their bidding.

Duduzane Zuma application granted

13 September 2018

Justice Zondo has asked former president Jacob Zuma to submit his version of events in which he was implicated.

Jacob Zuma asked for input

14 September 2018

Former president Jacob Zuma is willing to co-operate with the Zondo Commission. However, he says that his decision not to cross-examine witnesses is being viewed as non-co-operation.

Zuma questions existence of state capture

17 September 2018

Testimony from Standard Bank revealed that cabinet ministers tried to put pressure on the bank after it made the decision to close accounts of the Guptas.

Standard Bank threatened after decision to close Gupta accounts.

18 September 2018

Witnesses from FNB and Absa came forward today to substantiate Standard Bank’s claim of government interference in the closure of Gupta bank accounts.

More banks claim government interference

19 September 2018

Nedbank was expected to pick up where the other three big banks left off, by becoming the Gupta family’s banker – this is the impression that Nedbank CEO Mike Brown got when he met with ANC officials.

Nedbank grilled by ANC over Gupta account closures

21 September 2018

Ajay Gupta, implicated in numerous instance of state capture, has claimed that he never met with Mcebisi Jonas to offer him a R600-million bribe and in fact, was somewhere else when the meeting was supposed to have happened.

Ajay Gupta refures Mcebisi Jonas’ meeting and bribery claim

28 September 2018

The Zondo Commission’s legal team has made an application for the so-called #GuptaLeaks e-mails to be admitted as evidence. In this case, the commission will be obligated to investigate them, according to its mandate.

#GuptaLeaks e-mails enter the picture.

October 2018

3 October 2018

For the first time since his dismissal on 9 December 2015, finance minister Nhlanhla Nene revealed details of the sequence of events leading up to that day. Nene was reappointed as finance minister on 27 February 2018.

Nhlanhla Nene opens up about 2015 dismissal

Former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene appears before the Zondo Commission

Photos of former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene at the Zondo Commission. Photographer: Kwazi Dlamini, Corruption Watch.

10 October 2018

The commission of inquiry into state capture has been postponed to 12 November when it will hear the evidence of former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan.

Commission will reconvene on 12 November

November 2018

12 November 2018

Former public services minister Barbara Hogan, who was named in the testimony of Vytjie Mentor in August, appeared before the commission today and gave details of how former president Jacob Zuma pressured her to appoint a Transnet CEO of his choosing – one who was not as suitable as the board’s choice, and who at the time was involved in a misconduct disciplinary process to boot.

Barbara Hogan tells commission of Zuma’s meddling

13 November 2018

Former Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga, at the time leading up to his departure from the power utility in late 2009, was a chief executive who had gone rogue, understanding that he had the backing of the president. This is the description of former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan during her second day of testimony.

Zuma interfered in Eskom leadership

14 November 2018

Barbara Hogan wraps up her testimony, describing former president Jacob Zuma’s complete disregard for good governance in SEOs, while Mwanzele Manyi gets his day before the commission, defending the controversial changes he made while head of GCIS.

Hogans describes Zuma interference in SAA

Manyi defends the changes he made in GCIS

15 November 2018

The Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture sat briefly on Thursday morning to deal only with procedural matters involving the return of two witnesses, former MP Vytjie Mentor and former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene, who testified in August and October respectively.

Nene, Mentor set to make second appearance

16 November 2018 – week 13 overview

After a month-long break, the Zondo Commission into allegations of state capture resumed on 12 November, and immediately gave South Africans much to think about. From former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan detailing the interference of former president Jacob Zuma in leadership issues in SOEs, to former GCIS head Mzwanele Manyi pointing fingers at his successor Phumla Williams, it was an interesting first week back.

Week 13 overview

19 November 2018

Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan made his highly anticipated appearance before the commission. Gordhan revealed information that showed how keen the South African government was in 2014 to secure the nuclear deal with Russia.

Gordhan tells of government’s push to secure nuclear deal

Read Gordhan’s full statement to the commission.

20 November 2018

Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan continued with his testimony, which is expected to wrap up on Wednesday 21 November. He described the efforts made by the Zuma government to push him out of Treasury.

Gordhan was aware of moves to eliminate him

21 November 2018

Public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan said that a general fear of retribution from powerful people in the state capture machinery was a big reason that many in the ruling party have not reported corruption they see happening. Gordhan finished his testimony and was followed by former treasury director-general Lungisa Fuzile.

Gordhan defends fearful state capture whistle-blowers

21 November 2018

Recalling the events of December 2015, former treasury director-general Lungisa Fuzile said that in retrospect, it all fits like a hand in glove – that this is how the takeover of departments is designed. He added that a similar pattern of events had happened at the Department of Mineral Resources, which was taken over by Mosebenzi Zwane in September of that year.

Fuzile describes plan to put Gupta stooges in senior treasury posts

22 November 2018

Former finance minister Des van Rooyen’s stay in Treasury in late 2015 may have been a uniquely short one, but it had serious consequences for the department – particularly then director-general Lungisa Fuzile – largely because of his lack of attention and appreciation for protocol and procedure.

Van Rooyen’s disregard for proper Treasury procedure

22 November 2018

Insults and derogatory statements, such as those made yesterday by EFF leader Julius Malema, severely undermines the seriousness of the work being done by the Zondo Commission, and could negatively influence the willingness of witnesses to give vital testimony. CW has called on Deputy Chief Justice Zondo to hold Malema to account for his disrespectful words.

Corruption Watch press statement

23 November 2018 – week 14 overview

A treasury in disarray – this was the main focus of this week’s testimony at the Zondo Commission. Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his former director-general Lungisa Fuzile painted a disturbing – and at times, amusing – picture of the goings-on in National Treasury during 2014 and 2015.

Week 14 overview

26 November 2018

Former treasury spokesperson Phumza Macanda told the Zondo Commission that she, like her former colleagues who have testified before her, had the impression that Des van Rooyen did not know the two advisors he brought along to the department when he was appointed finance minister in 2015.

Van Rooyen in over his head

27 November 2018

“The commission will not consider what is said outside the commission and in media, and anyone with credible evidence should come forward and give it,” said Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, responding to allegations made by the EFF against public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan and the commission’s head of legal Paul Pretorius.

Commission will only consider evidence placed before it

29 November 2018

In December 2010, just weeks into Cheryl Carolus’ tenure as chairperson of South African Airways, former public enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba sought to impose a private Indian-based airliner on the leadership of SAA.

Gigaba wanted Carolus to relinquish Jhb-Mumbai route to Indian airline

December 2018

5 December 2018

The commission of inquiry into state capture announced on Tuesday that it had halted its public hearings until January. The date of the recommencement of the hearings, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, will be announced next month.

Zondo Commission postponed to 2019

January 2019

15 January 2019

Angelo Agrizzi, the former chief operations officer of controversial facilities management company Bosasa, is the first person to testify before the state capture commission this year. On Wednesday he revealed that the company spent between R4-million and R6-million monthly for bribes to senior government officials on the company’s payroll.

Bosasa spent millions on govt bribes

17 January 2019

On day two of testimony from former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi, attendees watched video evidence that showed CEO Gavin Watson and two of his directors packing and arranging stacks of money while inside a vault at the company offices.

Govt officials kept loyal to Bosasa with bribes

18 January 2019

Bosasa – which enjoys a large number of government contracts – generated cash that would be used to bribe public officials in return for their loyalty and favours., said the company’s former COO Angelo Agrizzi on his third day of testimony.

Money laundering the Bosasa way

18 January 2019

Commission secretary Khotso De Wee is on special leave while an investigation into allegations of corruption against him ensues. De Wee was implicated in the statement of former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi, who said that De Wee was one of the senior officials of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development who received bribes from Bosasa.

Zondo Commission secretary implicated in Bosasa bribery

21 January 2019

Bosasa, now African Global Operations, was at the beck and call of former environmental affairs minister Nomvula Mokonyane for the most part, said Agrizzi, even paying for rented cars for as long as three months at a time for her daughter, during her visits from her studies in China.

Bosasa at Nomvula Mokonyane’s beck and call

22 January 2019

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi says not only is the Department of Correctional Services captured, but the members of Parliament charged with overseeing its affairs have long been in the pocket of Bosasa, one of its biggest contractors.

Bosasa captured the correctional services department

22 January 2019

Linda Mti, former national commissioner for the Department of Correctional Services, continued to benefit financially for his part for years, despite his resignation from government in late 2006. Mti was but one recipient of largesse from Bosasa, which manages the catering and security services contracts at correctional services across the country.

Prisons catering deal was a cash cow for Bosasa and friends

22 January 2019

The chairperson of the commission on inquiry into state capture, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, on Tuesday announced the appointment of Peter Pedlar as acting secretary of the commission. Pedlar replaces Dr Khotso De Wee, who is currently on special leave pending an investigation into his implication in corruption by a witness.

Peter Pedlar announced as acting secretary

23 January 2019

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi told the commission of inquiry how he and other directors had to destroy evidence when they first discovered that the Special Investigating Unit was coming after the company.

Bosasa’s cat and mouse game with SIU investigators

23 January 2019

The Special Investigating Unit recommended as far back as 2009 that the Department of Correctional Services take action against its former national commissioner and CFO, Linda Mti and Patrick Gillingham respectively, for their irregular dealings with Bosasa. To date, this has not happened.

SIU recommended action against Bosasa, DCS crooks in 2009

24 January 2019

With key National Prosecuting Authority people in its pocket, Bosasa could keep tabs on the progress of the case against the company, and therefore influence its direction.

SIU’s Bosasa investigation compromised by NPA bribees

24 January 2019

Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson allegedly boasted about playing puppeteer with former president Jacob Zuma to his colleague Angelo Agrizzi and former commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services Linda Mti.

Bosasa executives privy to sensitive details of NPA case against them

24 January 2019

Former South African Airways chairperson Dudu Myeni was on Bosasa’s payroll, receiving R300 000 per month. She was the conduit between Bosasa and former president Jacob Zuma.

Myeni, Zuma helped smooth the way for Bosasa.

29 January 2019

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi, still in the witness chair, outlined numerous plans by CEO Gavin Watson and his brothers to buy Agrizzi’s silence over the corrupt activities he had seen and taken part in, in his almost 20 years with Bosasa.

Agrizzi asked to take the fall for Watson et al

29 January 2019

An audio recording played on Tuesday morning revealed witness Angelo Agrizzi making racist, derogatory remarks in the company of other people.

“I am a racist,” says Agrizzi

30 January 2019

From a fake prawn farm and duping the South African Revenue Service (Sars) through falsified financials, to violating immigration laws, former Bosasa CFO Andries van Tonder participated in many compromising dealings in his two-decade career at the company.

Van Tonder corroborates Agrizzi’s testimony regarding Bosasa shenanigans

31 January 2019

Cabinet ministers Gwede Mantashe and Nomvula Mokonyane, and deputy minister of correctional services Thabang Makwetla, were named among those who benefited from home security and general maintenance work paid for by the company over some years.

Mantashe, Mokonyane got free home improvements and maintenance from Bosasa

31 January 2019

Former Bosasa IT head Leon van Tonder testified of his participation in the illegal deletion of files relating to the multi-million-rand catering contract with the Department of Correctional Services, a contract that was in the spotlight of the Special Investigating Unit.

Former IT head told to delete incriminating data from Bosasa servers

February 2019

5 February 2019

n assortment of witnesses appeared before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday, all giving evidence relating to Bosasa. They included Adriaan Basson, editor-in-chief of News24, who related how Bosasa employees and service providers threatened him during the time he was investigating the company.

Bosasa employees and service providers threatened journalists

7 February 2019

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi is out on R20 000 bail, having been arrested this week on fraud and money-laundering charges. Appearing alongside him at the bail hearing were erstwhile colleagues Andries van Tonder, the former CFO of Bosasa; former Bosasa fleet manager Frans Vorster; former CFO of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), Patrick Gillingham; and others.

Bosasa execs and pals charged 10 years after SIU investigation

11 February 2019

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor returned to the hot seat at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday, to answer to allegations she had made in an affidavit last year. Most of the morning’s proceedings focused on travel records of both Mentor and some of the people she had implicated in her testimony in August 2018.

Vytjie Mentor returns to be cross-examined

12 February 2019

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor stuck to her guns on Tuesday, not deviating from evidence she has submitted to the commission of inquiry into state capture regarding the issue of the Gupta brothers being part of an August 2012 state visit to China, led by former president Jacob Zuma.

Mentor presses on despite discrepancies in testimony

13 February 2019

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor, despite being pressed, would not budge on the veracity of her version of the evidence. Mentor faced the legal representatives of former chief of staff in the office of Jacob Zuma, Lakela Kaunda, and advocate Mandla Mtolo of the Hawks. Both questioned her version of events.

Mentor cross-examination reveals inconsistencies

14 February 2019

The credibility of former MP Vytjie Mentor’s evidence to the state capture commission took another knock on Thursday with the testimony of architect Erna Wiese in relation to the layout of the Gupta family home in Saxonwold, Johannesburg. Mentor alleges a meeting occurred in 2010 between herself and Ajay Gupta. Wiese was part of a team of senior architects, valuers and surveyors who accompanied Mentor and a team from the commission on an inspection of the house.

Mentor’s recollection of Gupta house inconsistent with expert findings

14 February 2019

The testimony of IPID executive director Robert McBride was postponed indefinitely on Thursday, because his sworn statement was only received late on Wednesday, and as a result the commission’s lawyers had not had sufficient time to notify the people implicated in his evidence.

McBride testimony postponed until implicated persons have been notified

18 February 2019

Former finance minister Des van Rooyen’s application to cross-examine the department’s former director-general Lungisa Fuzile at the commission of inquiry into state capture was postponed on Monday, because of logistical issues raised by the commission chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Van Rooyen’s application to cross-examine former finance DG on hold

19 February 2019

National Treasury’s chief director of macro-economic policy, Catherine MacLeod, testified at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday, giving insight into the damage caused to the economy by former president Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffles, specifically because of the negative reaction of financial markets.

Zuma’s agenda-driven cabinet reshuffles created havoc in financial markets

20 February 2019

Eskom chairperson Jabu Mabuza will testify before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday, and is expected to give insight into the financial status of the power utility when the new board took over last year. Essentially, the events of 2015, the commencement year of the R3-billion contract with coal supplier Tegeta, will form a large part of the evidence sought by the commission for the coming few weeks.

Eskom’s procurement processes to be closely scrutinised

21 February 2019

Wednesday, 20 February, marked the beginning of the commission’s focus on state-owned entities in the state capture project, with Eskom first in line.

Eskom’s disregard of procurement processes in the spotlight

22 February 2019

Overdue announcement of results, a bad credit record, no funding, and threats of no further funding. This is the Eskom Jabu Mabuza and the rest of the board found when they started in January last year. The board inherited a financially unstable company, and there have been many hurdles to overcome.

Eskom, from world’s top five to total dysfunctionality

22 February 2019

Eskom chairperson Jabu Mabuza has told the commission of inquiry into state capture that it is important for the utility to have the confidence of investors and funders, because it relies heavily on this for survival.

Eskom must have investor confidence to survive

25 February 2019

Eskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza concluded his appearance before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday. He said that Eskom’s most vulnerable period was between March and December 2015, when a change in leadership enabled third parties affiliated to the Guptas to run amok, pillaging the power utility’s finances along the way.

Mabuza unpacks Eskom capture

27 February 2019

Former chief executive of Glencore, Clinton Ephron, has told the commission of inquiry into state capture how a struggling Optimum coal mine was at Eskom’s mercy for years while negotiating for an amendment to their coal supply agreement.

Struggling Optimum helped to its doom by Eskom

28 February 2019

When former sports and recreation minister Fikile Mbalula was informed of his imminent promotion by members of the Gupta family. He reported this at a meeting of the ANC’s national executive committee but to members’ consternation, former president Jacob Zuma did not address the issue on the day, or on any other occasion after that.

Mbalula’s 2011 Gupta disclosure swept under the carpet

March 2019

1 March 2019

Eskom head of treasury Andre Pillay testified that a R25-billion loan facility signed in 2017 by then interim CEO Sean Maritz was a grossly flawed process that exposed interference from then board chairperson Zethembe Khoza and former public enterprises minister Lynn Brown.

Eskom pressed to sign up for dodgy R25bn loan agreement

4 March 2019

For the R25-billion loan deal between Eskom and Chinese firm Huarong to proceed, all repayments from the power utility would have to be paid into the account of an entity called Ideva. This put officials in Eskom’s treasury unit in an awkward situation, and prompted senior manager for funding execution Sincedile Shweni to demand that Ideva submit financial statements, through which he could assess its legitimacy.

Executives bypassed regulations to push through Eskom-Huarong deal

5 March 2019

The controversial advance payment of R659-million that Eskom made to Tegeta Exploration in April 2016 came under the spotlight at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday. The commission heard how procurement controls were breached in order to process the payment on an unusually tight deadline.

Multi-million-rand Tegeta payment rushed through irregularly

11 March 2019

Another manager in Eskom’s primary energy division has testified to the irregular processes that senior executives at the power utility used to impose penalties on Optimum mine while that it was owned by Glencore Minerals and during the lead up to its acquisition by Tegeta Exploration.

Eskom execs helped Tegeta bully Glencore into selling Optimum

11 March 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture heard on Monday how Eskom lied to National Treasury about Majuba power station receiving coal from Brakfontein Extension, a part of the Brakfontein mine with which the power utility concluded a coal supply agreement in March 2015.

Power station forced to accept sub-standard coal from Gupta company

12 March 2019

A dismissive Brian Molefe, new in the position of CEO in 2015, wanted to hear nothing of a proposed price hike by Eskom to Optimum, on the basis that the mine had for some time been supplying coal at a higher cost than what they were getting from Eskom for it.

Eskom execs refused to listen to reason in Optimum case

12 March 2019

Standard Bank’s Ian Sinton has revealed how his team had to investigate a trail of transactions over the course of 2014 that the bank deemed suspicious, stemming from Transnet as the original source. Over R200-milliion was moved around in this way, before Standard Bank took action.

Standard Bank probed suspicious transactions between Transnet and contractors

13 March 2019

Tom Moyane’s lawyer, Advocate Dali Mpofu, submitted Moyane’s argument to be permitted to cross-examination, over allegations Pravin Gordhan made against him during his testimony before the commission in November last year.

Arguments for and against Moyane’s application to cross-examine Gordhan

14 March 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture heard on Wednesday that former Gupta company Oakbay Investments may have lied about being good for the money to buy Glencore-owned Optimum mine in early 2016.

Dodgy machinations behind Eskom’s insistence of Optimum sale to Oakbay

14 March 2019

Former mineral resources director-general, Thibedi Ramontja, told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Thursday that all issues relating to Optimum mine became centralised in the office of former minister Mosebenzi Zwane when he arrived at the department in late 2015.

Zwane took over Optimum Mine-related issues on appointment as minister

15 March 2019

Former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas has refuted claims by Duduzane Zuma that the only reason the latter drove him to the Gupta family home in Saxonwold on 23 October 2015 was to help settle a spat between Jonas and Duduzane’s long-time friend Fana Hlongwane.

Jonas sticks to his story under cross-examination

18 March 2019

Former public enterprises minister Lynne Brown brought changes to the Denel board in mid-2015 that contributed to its financial freefall and did not speak to the needs of the arms company at that time.

Denel board appointed without following proper processes

20 March 2019

The board of directors appointed at state-owned arms company Denel in 2015 did not only embark on a deal with VR Laser without sufficiently researching market appetite for this new entity, but a consequence of the deal is that Denel lost a lot of money in the process, while VR Laser was the main beneficiary.

Lynne Brown a major player in Denel’s ill-advised moves

20 March 2019

The takeover of VR Laser, the company allegedly used by the Gupta family to advance a venture with Denel and establish the controversial Denel Asia, was detailed by its former shareholder and COO Madoda Benny Jiyane at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday, 19 March.

VR Laser’s Jiyane swiftly and sneakily forced out by Gupta cronies

21 March 2019

The only reason former Denel head Riaz Saloojee lost his job in 2016 was because he was a stumbling block to all Gupta attempts to do irregular business with the state-owned arms manufacturer.

Denel Asia nothing but a money-making scheme for Guptas

22 March 2019

Fikile Mbalula confirmed on Friday that he told an ANC national executive committee meeting in 2011 of his anger and irritation at finding out from by Ajay Gupta of his impending promotion from deputy minister of police to minister of sports and recreation the previous year.

Mbalula was concerned about the Guptas’ growing influence and power

26 March 2019

Former Bosasa auditor Peet Venter told the Zondo commission that he was threatened by former Bosasa COO turned whistle-blower Angelo Agrizzi to get him to participate in Agrizzi’s plan to expose Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson.

Agrizzi, Van Tonder plotted to expose Gavin Watson and take Bosasa down

27 March 2019

On his second day of testimony at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, former Bosasa auditor Peet Venter told the commission that the firm’s CEO Gavin Watson asked him numerous times to do illegal things.

Bosasa CEO Watson made others do his dirty work

April 2019

1 April 2019

The 2009 Special Investigating Unit report on facilities management company Bosasa was compromised by a court interdict in the early stages of the probe in 2007 that prohibited investigators from interviewing material witnesses.

SIU’s Bosasa investigation hamstrung from start

3 April 2019

Advocate Marijke de Kock, senior prosecutor with the National Prosecuting Authority, told the commission of inquiry on state capture on Tuesday that the documents relating to Bosasa’s fraud and corruption case, submitted by the company’s former COO Angelo Agrizzi to the commission, were authentic NPA records leaked during her investigation several years ago.

More light shed on NPA papers leaked to Bosasa

5 April 2019

Former Free State MEC for economic development Mxolisi Dukwana told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday how he was set up by his boss Ace Magashule in 2011 to meet with Rajesh Gupta, who demanded a partnership in a major innovation project under his department.

Former Free State MEC tells of Magashule’s relationship with Guptas

8 April 2019

The chairperson of the commission of inquiry into state capture deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo on Monday slammed his legal team for its failure to adhere to the commission’s rules regarding notices given to people implicated by witnesses who testify before the commission.

Chairperson displeased with second McBride postponement

11 April 2019

The crime intelligence component of South Africa’s law enforcement network was primarily used to frustrate the work of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) for years, the commission of inquiry into state capture heard from former Ipid head Robert McBride on Thursday.

McBride tells of systematic weakening of Ipid under state capture

11 April 2019

The bulk of former Independent Police Investigating Directorate head Robert McBride’s testimony on Thursday focused on the illegal renditions case over which his office presided, that involved former Hawks head Anwar Dramat and his then Gauteng provincial counterpart, General Shadrack Sibiya.

Ipid’s independence compromised by ministerial interference

12 April 2019

Former police minister Nathi Nhleko acted incorrectly in suspending former Hawks head Anwar Dramat and his Ipid counterpart Robert McBride in 2014 and 2015 respectively, as he sought to pursue the agenda of rendering the two institutions dysfunctional.

Nhleko worked hard to destabilise Ipid, McBride reveals

15 April 2019

A notion that Robert McBride and former Hawks head Anwa Dramat know each other personally and are from the same background may have been the motivation behind the political smear campaign accusing McBride of trying to protect a guilty Dramat in the alleged 2010 illegal renditions case over which he was suspended in 2014 and later resigned.

Campaign against McBride, Dramat politically motivated

15 April 2019

Robert McBride, former head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid), and two of his executives were exonerated in 2015 following what he calls a politically charged campaign to get rid of him. This, he said, was for the corruption he exposed in the South African Police Service  over his five-year Ipid term.

Determined efforts to get rid of McBride, Dramat

15 April 2019

Former Ipid head McBride told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday that his successor, Israel Kgamanyane, who was appointed in an acting capacity, lied to Parliament when he reported that the performance of the agency had improved while McBride was suspended.

Mdluli, Zuma investigations the reason for dismissals of Dramat and Sibiya

16 April 2019

The South African Police Service (Saps) runs on a system of patronage – “I do favours for my seniors, I get promoted” – which has a serious consequence for South Africa’s fight against corruption, unless it is curbed, said former Ipid head Robert McBride on Tuesday.

Saps used dirty tricks to go after Ipid, O’Sullivan and Trent

17 April 2019

Before the first whistle of the iconic 2010 Fifa World Cup had gone off, controversial KwaZulu-Natal businessman Thoshan Panday had started making himself lots of money by supplying the provincial police office with services for which invoices were grossly inflated, with the help of senior officials.

Hawks investigation into KZN businessman Panday ruffled feathers

17 April 2019

A mutual friend of former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks head Johan Booysen and Edward Zuma attempted to get the latter’s father, former president Jacob Zuma, to intervene during a tense period when Booysen was investigating an apparent business associate of Edward’s, Thoshan Panday, in 2010. Booysen began testifying before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday.

Panday called in Zuma assistance when the trap tightened

17 April 2019

Detailing what sounded like the plot in a Hollywood detective movie, former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks head Johan Booysen told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday of events that occurred between 2010 and 2011 while he investigated the alleged corruption between Durban businessman Thoshan Panday and senior officials in the province’s police headquarters.

KZN police commissioner protected controversial businessman Panday

18 April 2019

Despite all efforts of the KwaZulu-Natal Hawks to bring Durban businessman Thoshan Panday and Navin Madhoe, his accomplice in the provincial South African Police Service (Saps), to book after a lengthy investigation of corruption, charges against them for the attempt to bribe Johan Booysen were withdrawn.

Corrupt accused pulled out all the stops to avoid prosecution

26 April 2019

Advocates Nomgcobo Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi, who were both implicated in Bosasa’s bribery scheme, have been sent packing from the National Prosecuting Authority by President Cyril Ramaphosa, on the recommendation of retired Constitutional Court Justice Yvonne Mokgoro, who oversaw a commission of inquiry that sought to determine the pair’s fitness for office.

Ramaphosa fires Jiba, Mrwebi

The Zondo Commission is on a break at the moment and will resume on 2 May 2019.

May 2019

2 May 2019

Not long after he fingered Durban businessman Thoshan Panday for attempting to bribe him in 2011 to evade prosecution, former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks head Johan Booysen was himself facing prosecution and fighting to keep his job.

Booysen describes determined efforts to work him out of KZN Hawks

3 May 2019

Former KZN Hawks head Johan Booysen told the Zondo Commission that in mid-August 2015 he too was invited to the Johannesburg home of the Gupta family, by Duduzane Zuma, the son of former president Jacob Zuma.

Booysen was also invited to the Gupta family home

3 May 2019

Johan Booysen told the Zondo Commission that former police crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli enjoyed the protection of not only former national police commissioner Riah Phiyega and police minister Nathi Mthethwa, but also senior prosecutors within the National Prosecuting Authority, who stopped at nothing to get rid of his enemies.

Booysen details Saps’ dodgy manoeuvres to get rid of him

3 May 2019

Richard Mdluli was the Achilles Heel for politicians and senior law enforcement officials alike, because of the protection he required from prosecution for his alleged crimes while he headed up the South African Police Service’s crime intelligence unit.

Mdluli was protected by Phiyega, Mthethwa, and NPA prosecutors

7 May 2019

Brian Molefe spearheaded Transnet’s capture from the time he was appointed in 2011, but it was former public enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba who enabled it by appointing the directors that he did, when he came into the portfolio in late 2010.

Brian Molefe, Malusi Gigaba drove Transnet capture

9 May 2019

One of the reasons for state-owned freight and rail entity Transnet’s vulnerability to capture was that although it had an extensive governance structure on paper, it applied only to tenders under a certain value, and on many occasions, contracts were signed off without the stipulated processes of evaluation being followed.

Transnet group procurement processes were opaque and inconsistent

10 May 2019

An unbundling of a R619m payment by Brian Molefe into four separate payments meant that although the full value of the funds went to McKinsey, the payments avoided scrutiny because board approval was not required.

Molefe did not have to get board approval for unbundled payments

15 May 2019

The biggest winner out of Transnet’s multi-billion-rand locomotives contract in 2014 was Gupta-linked consultancy firm Regiments, which had not even been part of the original bid for the contract, but was slipped in through the back door with the help of Brian Molefe and Anoj Singh.

Cost of Transnet locomotive deal inexplicably increased by billions

16 May 2019

The projected cost of Transnet’s locomotive procurement project – which was approved by the parastatal’s board on the back of a memorandum by then group CEO Brian Molefe – stood at R54-billion, via a confinement that did not follow supply chain processes.

Transnet paid agency millions for work it could have done in-house

16 May 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture heard on Thursday how in May 2016 consultancy firm Regiments ceded its contractual obligations for Transnet’s multi-billion-rand locomotives contract to Trillian Capital Partners, with the help of a confinement process facilitated by former group CEO Siyabonga Gama.

Trillian paid R82m for work it did not do

17 May 2019

A business proposal presented to the Transnet board in January 2014 to request a confinement to China South Rail (CSR) in the procurement of 100 electric and diesel locomotives for use on the company’s coal line between Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal was grossly flawed, and should never have been approved.

Flawed proposal for locomotives approved despite engineer’s questions

20 May 2019

Transnet’s alleged irregular management of its R54-billion locomotives contract in 2014 did not end at the bias displayed in the manufacturer contracts, or the inflated costs of supplier services, obtained from a monopoly of Gupta-related companies, but also extended to the delivery programme for the 1 064 locomotives being procured.

Accelerated locomotive delivery plan a financial burden for Transnet

23 May 2019

A shelf company that made over R70-million for the supposed relocation of manufacturing operations in the implementation phase of Transnet’s 1 064 locomotives project was at the centre of the proceedings at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Thursday.

Company that scored millions from Transnet probably not genuine

24 May 2019

Transnet’s tender dispute regulations came under scrutiny at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday during the testimony of Sharla Chetty (nee Pillay), the chief information officer of Transnet Port Terminals – particularly in relation to her award of a multimillion-rand network services tender to Neotel in October 2013, during the absence of group CEO Brian Molefe, in whose position Chetty was acting at the time.

Transnet’s tender dispute regulations under discussion

27 May 2019

An offer to Transnet from IT company T-Systems of a R248-million discount in pursuit of the parastatal’s network services tender in late 2013, actually came from government – according to Gerhard van der Westhuizen, who worked in the procurement division of Transnet until 2014.

Molefe deliberately flouted Transnet procurement policy

28 May 2019

An ongoing investigation by Mncedisi Ndlovu and Sedumedi Attorneys (MNS) has found that China South Rail (CSR), the Chinese company that won a R2.6-billion Transnet tender for 95 locomotives enjoyed preferential treatment from executives at the state-owned entity – so much so that Transnet’s own procurement rules were bent to suit CSR, when it failed to qualify in the very first round of the tender evaluation process.

Transnet favoured CSR by changing its own rules

28 May 2019

Former public enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba allegedly played the role of enabler in Transnet’s contravention of government’s preferential procurement law in the state-owned entity’s R54-billion locomotives project, first entered into in 2012.

Gigaba encouraged Transnet to flout Treasury conditions

28 May 2019

China South Rail’s second contract with Transnet, for 100 locomotives, saw CSR calling the shots after being approved on an allegedly flawed confinement basis, a high-level investigation into Transnet has found.

Transnet allowed CSR to dictate terms and defy contract conditions

June 2019

3 June 2019

Former ANN7 editor Rajesh Sundaram described his role in helping to set up in 2013 what he called a television station for the “mafia” who just wanted to spew out propaganda to South Africans, as the biggest regret of his career. Sundaram started testifying at the Zondo Commission today.

ANN7 train wreck run by Number 9

3 June 2019

Recruited in India in 2013, Rajesh Sundaram was never even interviewed as is the requirement for visa applicants, and his application was largely expedited through Gupta associate Ashu Chawla, who had influence with the office of then president Jacob Zuma. Sundaram had his visa within a day of submitting the relevant documentation.

Visa laws flouted in favour of Gupta employee

5 June 2019

In determining the best choice of loans to fund the multi-billion-rand locomotives procurement project that was concluded in 2014, Transnet executives may have opted to use the concept of interest rate swaps strategically to the benefit of their loan fixers, among them Regiments.

Only loan fixers and banks benefited from Transnet’s interest rate swaps

6 June 2019

The latest former Transnet executive to testify before the commission of inquiry into state capture – Mathane Makgatho, who headed up the treasury unit – has laid bare the deliberate side-lining of her department during the locomotives procurement process, by then group CFO Anoj Singh.

Singh brushed aside concerns with Regiments’ role in Transnet procurement

6 June 2019

Former Transnet group treasurer Mathane Makgatho has told the commission of inquiry into state capture that she often butted heads with her former boss, Anoj Singh, on matters pertaining to project funding within the parastatal. In the lead-up to the acquisition of 1 054 locomotives in 2014 in particular, she would begin to see a pattern forming of the former group CFO deliberately undermining her role.

Singh defended Regiments’ intrusion on Transnet procurement processes

7 June 2019

In concluding her testimony before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday, former Transnet group treasurer Mathane Makgatho described a toxic environment that was so bad for her security and her health, it led to her resignation at the end of November 2014, just 20 months into the position.

Toxic Transnet environment drove people away

10 June 2019

Former Transnet chief information officer Makano Mosidi testified before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday that a memorandum signed by her, recommending that the parastatal award a data services contract to IT company T-Systems, was signed under duress, and while recommendations she had made had not been followed.

T-Systems awarded Transnet tender against CIO’s recommendation

10 June 2019

A Transnet board meeting in January 2017 that was to rubber-stamp a tender process for a data services contract ended up becoming an attack of the parastatal’s systems by former director Stanley Shane.

Transnet’s Gijima/T-Systems data services tender debacle

10 June 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday heard how Siyabonga Gama cautioned a compromised former chief information officer of Transnet, Makano Mosidi, of the dangers of procurement, where one could endanger their life if not careful.

Transnet’s Siyabonga Gama to CIO: Procurement is a dangerous game

11 June 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture heard on Tuesday how executives of telecommunications provider Neotel failed to dupe auditors Deloitte in 2015 when the latter picked up irregular payments to Gupta-linked company Homix, in relation to a R1.8-billion Transnet contract awarded to Neotel.

The dodgy dealings of Neotel and Transnet (with a little help from Homix)

12 June 2019

Former National Prosecuting Authority head Mxolisi Nxasana has told the commission of inquiry into state capture that he did not have to undergo an interview ahead of his appointment to the position in 2013. Nxasana is the first witness to have been called on the directive of chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

No interview required for Nxasana appointment

12 June 2019

While on the face of it he was warmly welcomed to the position of national director of public prosecutions in October 2013, Mxolisi Nxasana has told the commission of inquiry into state capture that his predecessor, Advocate Nomgqobo Jiba, was waging an active campaign to have him removed.

NPA officials, including Jiba, manoeuvred to get rid of Nxasana

14 June 2019

What started out as a quest for South African Airways to secure a debt consolidation loan in 2015 became a case of gross flouting of its procurement processes, largely at the hands of its board. This has been the evidence of the financially unstable airline’s former treasurer, Cynthia Stimpel, whose objection to a board-proposed move to get the funding from the Free State Development Corporation led to her suspension in late 2016.

SAA board interfered in procurement processes

18 June 2019

Former SAA chief financial officer Phumeza Nhantsi says her initiation into the state-owned entity involved engaging formal processes in reverse, at the behest of a board that flouted procurement prescripts. Nhantsi told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday that she was used as a vehicle by other people to enrich themselves.

“Throughout this process, I did things in reverse”, former SAA CFO admits

19 June 2019

The former CFO of South African Airways, Phumeza Nhantsi, has told the commission of inquiry into state capture that she endured severe pressure from the airline’s then chairperson Dudu Myeni on the one hand and Masotsha Mngadi of BNP Capital on the other to sign off on an irregular cancellation fee for the company in 2016.

SAA’s former CFO feared for her job and life when dealing with Dudu Myeni

20 June 2019

The focus of the inquiry on Wednesday was a contract for handling services on behalf of SA Express at Mahikeng and Pilanesberg airports. Senior provincial and national politicians have been named at the commission of inquiry into state capture as alleged beneficiaries of an elaborate scheme to move money from the local carrier to the ruling party’s coffers.

SA Express money allegedly financed ANC political activities

24 June 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture has been urged to consider recommending stricter regulation of
businesses involved in the regular movement of money to avoid loopholes used by money launderers and fraudsters.

Evidence leader says commission should seek stricter controls of cash industry

25 June 2019

A company contracted by South African Airways (SAA) in 2016 to provide fuel to some to some of its major route stations has failed to live up to its obligations to the national airline – despite being roped into SAA’s quest to achieve transformation by securing a portion of its fuel business for a black-owned entity.

SAA contractor’s role expanded without following procurement process

26 June 2019

Former South African Airways CEO Sizakele Mzimela told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday that former minister of public enterprises Malusi Gigaba’s tenure saw a breakdown of governance within the national airline.

Gigaba allowed SAA governance and communication to deteriorate

26 June 2019

Of all the issues that former public enterprises minister Malusi Gigaba preoccupied himself with at crisis-riddled
South African Airways a mere three months in office, the proposed closure of a route between Johannesburg and Mumbai, India was uppermost on his priority list. The proposal had come from a competitor on the route, India-based Jet Airways.

Decision on Mumbai route change seemingly made without SAA CEO’s knowledge

28 June 2019

Former Inline director Brandon King informed the commission by affidavit, to clarify a point in BNP director Daniel Mahlangu’s statement, that sole facilitator Masotsha Mngadi had asked BNP to use King’s details in the documentation, instead of Mngadi’s, to conceal his part in the process.

BNP facilitator’s conflict of interest concealed in SAA tender bid

July 2019

1 July 2019

Apart from giving instructions for the appointments and dismissals of senior executives without following due processes, former South African Airways chairperson Dudu Myeni was not above fabricating whistle-blower complaints to taint members of staff whom she wanted removed.

Myeni hired and fired at will at SAA

2 July 2019

Tony Gupta wanted government to allow his family to hold a welcome party on the tarmac of OR Tambo International Airport in 2013, most likely to prove his influence and importance to guests from India who were coming to a family wedding.

Guptas pushed for permission to hold a party on ORTIA tarmac

3 July 2019

The commission of inquiry heard how former chief of state protocol and now ambassador to the Netherlands, Bruce Koloane, abused the names of former president Jacob Zuma, as well as ministers Ben Martins and Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, to approve the landing.

Guptas defied govt resistance to special aircraft landing arrangements

8 July 2019

Jerry Matjila, former director-general for the Department of International Relations (Dirco), has described to the commission of inquiry into state capture the panic within the department after the Gupta family landed a private aircraft at Waterkloof air force base in Pretoria in 2013.

Dirco panic as unsanctioned Waterkloof landing was followed by wayward guests

8 July 2019

“I was just acting purely under the presumption that there had been total compliance [by the high commissioner],” said former chief of state protocol and now ambassador to the Netherlands, Bruce Koloane, in relation to the approval of the landing of a civilian aircraft, carrying Gupta wedding guests, at Waterkloof air base in 2013. “It’s important to note that I didn’t say approve or decline the request. I just said process the request so the process of clearance can be conducted.”

Koloane claims misunderstanding led to DoD’s Gupta Waterkloof approval

9 July 2019

Six years after the Gupta plane landing saga at Waterkloof air force base in Pretoria, South Africa’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Bruce Koloane, has admitted to name dropping, using the names of former president Jacob Zuma and two of his cabinet ministers to expedite the flight clearance process for the aircraft carrying the Gupta family’s wedding guests.

Koloane on Gupta Waterkloof landing: “I abused the power of my office”

10 July 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday received a reconciliation of payments made by Transnet in respect of the locomotives deals that were the focus of its attention in May. The biggest shocker was the amount paid to Gupta-linked Regiments for R305-million for advisory services in relation to the R49-billion 1 064 locomotives deal of 2014.

To date, Regiments has scored R305-million from Transnet

11 July 2019

Major Thabo Ntshisi, the Department of Defence official who cleared the private flight from India in April 2013 that landed at the Waterkloof air force base with guests of the Gupta family, denies that he acted under duress from Bruce Koloane to do so, despite the former chief of state protocol having not supplied the requisite paperwork for such a request.

Wheeling and dealing for Gupta Waterkloof landing clearance

12 July 2019

A second company allegedly used to re-channel funds from a R51-million per annum contract by SA Express (SAX) in 2015 has come under the spotlight of the commission of inquiry into state capture. Neo Solutions CEO Vivien Natasen testified on Friday to transactions by former SAX general manager for commercial, Brian van Wyk, which involved Natasen’s company.

Bribes for politicians all in a day’s work for SAX’s Brian van Wyk

15 July 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture, like many other structures before it, is the product of intelligence forces within and outside the ANC who are conducting a campaign to discredit former president Jacob Zuma. The spies have long had a campaign to discredit Zuma and remove him from any position of leadership. This was the gist of Zuma’s opening remarks before the commission on Monday.

Zuma claims conspiracies and smear campaigns against him

15 July 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma told the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture that he does not recall making the call to Themba Maseko, telling him to assist the Gupta brothers. Maseko at that time was CEO of the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS). During his appearance at the commission in August 2018, Maseko said Zuma had called him and told him to help the Guptas in their pursuit for an alternative newspaper and television station.

Zuma’s memory blank on asking Themba Maseko to assist Guptas

16 July 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma returned to the stand before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday. He testified that he did not recall interfering in the work of the Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) in relation to the Gupta-owned New Age newspaper, as per the testimony of former GCIS CEO Themba Maseko in August last year.

Zuma claims limited contact with Guptas during set-up of the New Age

16 July 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma’s legal counsel has accused the head of the state capture commission’s legal team, Advocate Paul Pretorius, of trying to invoke certain emotions with his way of questioning. Zuma’s legal team objected to the line of questioning at this morning’s session, claiming Pretorius wants the commission chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, to read something into it, and that Zuma was ambushed in an unfair cross-examination.

Zuma’s counsel objects to “unfair” line of questioning

17 July 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma refutes the claims made by the former minister of public enterprises Barbara Hogan. Hogan told the commission in November last year that Zuma interfered heavily with senior appointments and wanted specific candidates even if they did not meet the requirements. Zuma denied this on his third appearance at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture.

Zuma cannot remember insisting on Gama’s appointment as Transnet CEO

19 July 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma will continue to participate in the process of the commission of inquiry into state capture, despite having withdrawn earlier on the basis of unfair conduct. Zuma’s lawyer, Advocate Muzi Sikhakhane, had earlier on Friday declared that his client may even consider challenging the commission’s conduct against him in court.

Zuma reverses direction on withdrawal from state capture commission

19 July 2019

After a meeting between Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, the commission’s counsel and Zuma’s counsel in the chairperson’s chambers, all parties reached common ground for Zuma to continue giving evidence before the commission. This was after he had earlier said, through his lawyers, that he was withdrawing.

Zuma supporters demand equal treatment for all witnesses

22 July 2019

The Free State provincial legislature failed to hold former premier Ace Magashule and his agriculture MEC Mosebenzi Zwane accountable in 2013 after the alleged looting in the Vrede dairy farm project started, the commission of inquiry into state capture heard on Monday. On the witness stand to kick off the commission’s focus on the project – through which over R280-million is alleged to have been looted – was Roy Jankielsohn, a member of the legislature representing the DA.

Free State govt failed to act on alleged Vrede Dairy corruption

August 2019

13 August 2019

Former Free State agriculture MEC Mosebenzi Zwane pressured Phumelela municipality into leasing farming land for the Estina dairy farm project in 2012, to the extent that his team drew up the resolutions – usually done by council – that would give the project the green light. This was the testimony of former municipal manager Moses Moremi before the commission of inquiry into state capture.

Phumelela municipal council rushed into Vrede deal with no consideration

15 August 2019

The Free State government went with Indian company Paras in the Estina integrated dairy farm project in 2012 because no-one in South Africa was interested in supporting it, according to Peter Thabethe, the former head of the provincial agriculture department – and implicated by several witnesses in spearheading the project, which was allegedly mismanaged and from which over R200-million has reportedly been looted, leaving its intended beneficiaries out in the cold.

Former Free State agriculture head Thabethe discusses his role in Vrede saga

19 August 2019

Former justice minister Jeff Radebe initiated the push in 2014 for Mxolisi Nxasana to vacate his position as the national director of public prosecutions, which eventually happened in 2015. According to Nxasana, former president Jacob Zuma seemed to be under immense pressure to fire him, following some false rumour peddling by Nomgcobo Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi that Nxasana would reinstate corruption charges against Zuma.

Jiba, Mrwebi spread rumours to induce Zuma to fire Mxolisi Nxasana

20 August 2019

Former head of the Free State agriculture department Peter Thabethe has conceded that he went into an agreement with Gupta-linked Estina in 2012 to run the provincial government’s multi-million-rand dairy farm project in Vrede with no feasibility study in hand, nor approval from the local municipality to use its land.

No due diligence or feasibility study done before Estina deal drawn up

26 August 2019

A former senior staffer in the office of former minister in the presidency, the late Collins Chabane, has confirmed before the commission of inquiry into state capture that the minister did indeed receive an instruction in 2011 from former president Jacob Zuma to fire Themba Maseko. In his testimony before the commission Zuma denied that he had given such an instruction.

Zuma lied about Maseko sacking, says official

28 August 2019

Former Free State MEC of economic development Mxolisi Dukwana wants to see ANC secretary–general Ace Magashule in jail for his involvement in what he calls the “asbestos heist” during Magashule’s time as premier. Dukwana is testifying before the commission of inquiry into state capture, and is into his second day.

“Blesser” Ace should be in jail

29 August 2019

Evidence led at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday focused on the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) funding to EML Energy, the black-owned company roped into the fuel procurement strategy of South African Airways (SAA) in 2016 in the name of transformation. The IDC’s chief risk officer, Mark Mainganya, was in the witness chair.

Lax approval process for multi-million-rand IDC loans

29 August 2019

Two months after giving evidence before the commission of inquiry into state capture in June, Mahikeng businesswoman Babadi Tlatsana has fled the country in fear for her safety. Tlatsana’s destination remains a secret.

SA Express witness flees for her life

September 2019

03 September 2019 

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) CEO Mzwamadoda Mxakwe says the public broadcaster has met all the pre-conditions for a government bailout, but to date has not received it. A bailout is the only way that the SABC – currently sitting on a debt of R1.8-billion – will be able to rise to the surface again. He testified on Tuesday before the commission of inquiry into state capture.

SABC needs bailout to survive, says CEO

03 September 2019

The editorial integrity of the SABC suffered a knock when a breakdown of governance systems was allowed over a long period, leading to a newsroom that operated on “auto-pilot”. This is according to Phatiswa Magopeni, the public broadcaster’s head of news, who testified before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday.

External interference caused ‘serious decay’ at SABC

04 September 2019

The commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday heard how, in early 2012, members of the Gupta family lobbied for an SABC channel to start up their broadcast news offering to then group CEO Lulama Mokhobo, just one week after she had occupied the position. Mokhobo testified that then acting COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng took her to the Saxonwold home of the Guptas, only telling her that someone wanted to congratulate her on her appointment.

SABC’s irregular dealings with the Guptas

05 September 2019

Bruce Koloane has resigned as South Africa’s ambassador to the Netherlands, said Naledi Pandor, minister in the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco), in response to an oral question in Parliament on Wednesday.

Bruce Koloane resigns as Netherlands ambassador

09 September 2019

“Everything was done in good faith, on the understanding that it was helping the SABC.” This is the justification given by former SABC board chairperson Dr Ben Ngubane on Monday for the appointment of Hlaudi Motsoeneng as acting COO in 2011. It was his strong people skills that won Motsoeneng the confidence of the board. Ngubane was testifying before the commission of inquiry into state capture.

SABC’s irregular dealings with the Guptas

10 September 2019

Hlaudi Motsoeneng has blamed bad advice given to him in 1995 by Marie Swanepoel, an official at the SABC in the Free State, for the narrative of lying about his lack of matric, that has dogged his profile at the public broadcaster. He conceded that he had never applied for any of the positions he held at the public broadcaster, but was head hunted from the start, due to his talent.

Motsoeneng “I’m the main man who influenced decisions of the SABC”

17 September 2019

Because it is very easy to abuse state assets when you work in the crime intelligence unit of the South African Police Service (Saps), some of its senior officials did so with impunity for years. As a result of this, crime intelligence abused the system of classifying documents to hide corruption and fraud.

Police crime intelligence corruption revealed

18 Sepember 2019

On his second day of testimony before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday, Hawks investigator Kobus Roelofse named senior journalist Ranjeni Munusamy and Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa as beneficiaries of proceeds from an illegal scheme in which the secret service account (SSA) of the crime intelligence (CI) unit of the police was abused.

Cars, private trips, home security upgrades paid for by illegal CI scheme

19 September 2019

The almost decade-long investigation into alleged fraud and corruption against former head of crime intelligence (CI) Lieutenant-General Richard Mdluli and former procurement head Colonel Heine Barnard has been frustrated at all levels, including that of national police commissioner. It became clear to Hawks senior investigator Colonel Kobus Roelofse, though, that the classified documents kept from him possibly incriminated more than just Mdluli and Barnard, but important people outside the South African Police Service (Saps) too. He returned for his third day of testimony before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Thursday.

Mdluli investigation deliberately hampered at all levels

25 September 2019

“No matter how much we tried to explain these issues, it was clear that the decision had already been made that we must be removed.” This is the evidence of the head of investigations for the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) Matthews Sesoko to the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday. He was describing the distress suffered by himself and the directorate’s former executive director Robert McBride after they stood up against the purging of senior Hawks officials.

Nhleko was out to get Ipid’s Sesoko and McBride

26 September 2019

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has ordered that the testimony of crime intelligence (CI) official Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo be heard in camera by the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday.

The order, which was in response to an application by Naidoo, is the first of its kind for the commission, which began with public hearings in August last year.

First in-camera witness for Zondo

30 September 2019

Journalist Ranjeni Munusamy had her car repaired by the police’s crime intelligence (CI) unit in 2008 in return for her positive reporting on the division. This was alleged by former CI official Colonel Dhanajaya Naidoo on his second day of testimony before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday. Naidoo continues to testify in camera as he is currently under witness protection.

Crime intelligence paid for Munusamy car service

October 2019

01 October 2019

Although he never had any cash advances made out in his name, former crime intelligence (CI) head General Richard Mdluli was responsible for about R5-million of the unit’s funds being spent on the salaries and workrelated expenses of seven relatives employed under suspicious circumstances by CI. These employees very rarely presented themselves for duty, and would spend their time either shopping or maxing out petrol cards issued by CI. Theirs were among 250 appointments that would later catch the eye of the Hawks.

Mdluli nepotism, lease scheme revealed-converted

02 October 2019

Former crime intelligence (CI) officer Dhanajaya Naidoo closed off his testimony at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture with a tearful apology for his role in the looting of CI’s secret service account. Naidoo made more revelations about the looting of the slush fund and the intelligence officers who unlawfully benefited from the account.

CI slush fund used for private perks-converted

03 October 2019

The Vrede dairy farm project was again the topic under discussion at the commission of inquiry into state capture as former head of the Free State Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Peter Thabethe, made a return to the stand. Thabethe’s first round of testimony had to be adjourned after his legal team allegedly ditched him. He came back to give evidence about his role in the controversial dairy farm project.

Gupta wedding flight opened Vrede dairy can of worms

07 October 2019

For years there has been a strong narrative of Duduzane Zuma being a fixer and conduit between the Gupta family and influential government leaders, and it does not surprise him that details of such would surface before the commission of inquiry into state capture.

Zondo commission – Duduzane denies all allegations of impropriety

08 October 2019

Duduzane Zuma has told the commission of inquiry that the court of public opinion has rendered him a corrupt individual, despite the contrary being true, mainly due to the narrative put forward by the media over the years. He returned to the commission on Tuesday to wrap up his testimony

“I am looked at as a criminal,” says Duduzane

11 October 2019

The US has blacklisted the Gupta family, in a move praised by Justice Minister Ronald Lamola, on Thursday. Meanwhile, the dates for the return of former president Jacob Zuma to the commission of inquiry into state capture were confirmed.

Guptas on US blacklist, and the imminent return of Jacob Zuma

16 October 2019

The Guptas were no strangers to the structures of the Free State provincial government and were known to many officials who worked there – so much so that a mid-2010 executive committee meeting discussing a proposal to advertise in, and subscribe, to their New Age newspaper gave the administration the green light to do this.

Guptas were familiar in Free State government circles

17 October 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma will no longer appear before the commission of inquiry into state capture next week as previously announced by its chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Zuma’s October appearance cancelled, November still on the schedule

31 October 2019

Mark Pamensky, the man reported to have been the Gupta ally within the board of Eskom when the family held lucrative coal contracts, took the stand at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Thursday. Pamensky, a qualified auditor, told the commission that he applied for a position on the power utility’s board in response to a newspaper advert in late 2014, with the intention to help the company reverse the financial disarray it was in at the time. He was at Eskom from December 2014 to November 2016.

Former Eskom director Pamensky takes the stand-converted

November 2019

01 November 2019

The Chairperson has decided to postpone the evidence of the witnesses scheduled to appear on Monday, 4 and Tuesday, 5 November 2019 to a date to be determined in due course. The hearings of the Commission will therefore resume on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 at the City of Johannesburg Council Chamber, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein.

Media statement 01 November 2019

05 November 2019

The former President, Mr JG Zuma, will will continue testimony before the Commission from 11 November 2019 to 15 November 2019.

Media statement (Mr JG ZUMA) 05 November 2019

05 November 2019

The Commission has been informed by the legal representatives of the former President, Mr JG Zuma, that he is ill and unable to attend the hearings scheduled for 11-15 November 2019.

Media statement (Pres ZUMA) 05 November 2019

06 Novemebr 2019

Former government spokesperson Themba Maseko returned to the witness chair at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday to provide more information on his 2011 transfer from the Government Communications Information System (GCIS) to the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA).

Procedures not followed in Maseko removal from GCIS

07 November 2019

Mzwanele Manyi told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Thursday that he did not have a special relationship with the Guptas during his tenure in government, but supported their New Age newspaper on the basis that it challenged the industry status quo with its unique approach to advertising.

Manyi defends GCIS’ liaison with the New Age-converted

18 November 2019

Former British MP Lord Peter Hain told the Zondo commission today that South African banks were complicit in the Gupta family’s money laundering activities.

Banks complicit in Gupta money laundering, says Hain

19 November 2019

Former director-general (DG) in the Presidency Reverend Frank Chikane is of the view that state capture could have been arrested if the political will to do so had existed when it first reared its head.

Chikane says state capture could have been stopped

19 November 2019

Former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas refused to co-operate with the Hawks in its investigation of the Gupta family, even after the intervention of then Hawks head General Berning Ntlemeza, despite his public announcement that Ajay Gupta offered him a bribe.

Hawks deputy head questions truth of Jonas’ testimony

21 November 2019

The hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State will resume on 21 November at 10h00.

Media Advisory The Commission Of Inquiry Into Sate Capture Resumes On 21 November 2019

21 November 2019 

Former minister of international relations and co-operation Maite Nkoana-Mashabane told the Zondo commission today that former president Jacob Zuma was aware of who Bruce Koloane was before he appointed him as the South African ambassador to the Netherlands.

Koloane’s Waterkloof transgression not a problem for Dirco

24 November 2019

The hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State will resume on 25 November at 10h00.

Media Advisory The Commission Of Inquiry Into State Capture Resumes On 25 November 2019

25 November 2019

Former South African Revenue Service commissioner Tom Moyane should be able to defend himself against state capture allegations made against him by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan before the Zondo commission – provided that by 15 January 2020, he submits an affidavit stating clearly his position on Gordhan’s assertion that he used his position as commissioner to advance the objectives of state capture.

Moyane may cross-examine Gordhan, subject to affidavit submission

26 November 2019

The make-up of the state intelligence services in South Africa changed drastically when former president Jacob Zuma came into office in 2009, notably going against the principles in the Constitution that aimed to preserve it from interference and capture.

Intelligence services restructured to protect the state, says Mo Shaik

27 November 2019 

Transnet’s procurement plan for its 1 064 locomotives project in 2013 saw an unreasonable increase in estimated cost from R38.6-billion to R54.9-billion, which is unjustifiable. The estimated cost to company (ETC) included in the business case approved by the board around the middle of 2013, made allowance for a 41% increase, whereas an 11% increase would have done just fine.

Unjustifiable increase in cost of Transnet locomotives project-converted

December 2019

03 December 2019

Former president Jacob Zuma has until next Monday to respond through a written submission to an application by journalist Redi Tlhabi to cross-examine him at the commission of inquiry into state capture. This is in connection with evidence given by Zuma during his appearance in July that relates to Tlhabi.

Zuma and Tlhabi may yet face off-converted

03 December 2019

Themba Maseko was not only aware of his move from the Government Communication Information System (GCIS) to the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) in 2011, but even agreed to it, despite telling the commission of inquiry into state capture differently. This is what Maseko’s former boss and then DPSA minister Richard Baloyi told the commission on Tuesday.

Check Maseko’s version properly, commission told

04 December 2019

Fana Hlongwane remembers a lot about a meeting arranged by Duduzane Zuma in which former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas was also present in October 2015, but not the core subject of the trio’s discussion. This despite the fact that the meeting was meant as a platform for him and Jonas to iron out issues that had surfaced, with Zuma being the conduit.

Hlongwane hazy on details of meeting with Jonas and D. Zuma

January 2020

13 January 2020

Former president Jacob Zuma plans to oppose an application for a summons to be issued to him to appear before the commission of inquiry into state capture later this month. He has failed to appear on two previous occasions scheduled by the commission, in October and November last year.

Zuma set to oppose Zondo summons say reports

14 January 2020

The application to have the commission of inquiry into state capture issue a summons on former president Jacob Zuma to appear at the end of this month was adjourned on Tuesday for procedural reasons. This is to give the commission’s legal team some time to prepare an answering affidavit to one submitted by Zuma on Monday, citing his unavailability for medical reasons.

Zuma too sick to be summonsed

14 January 2020

Lieutenant Colonel Christine Anderson, the official in charge of movements at Waterkloof air force base at the time of the landing of the private Indian aircraft carrying guests of the Gupta family, took the stand before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday.

Gupta guests’ landing at Waterkloof in the spotlight again

15 January 2020

Former KwaZulu-Natal police commissioner Mmamonye Ngobeni received so much protection from members of the South African Police Service (Saps) and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) that a corruption case that implicated her was swept under the carpet.

Thoshan Panday’s dodgy connections with Saps-converted

20 January 2020

The smoking gun in the Thoshan Panday corruption case involving the KwaZulu-Natal South African Police  Service (Saps) took the form of a simple-looking notebook in which the businessman’s personal assistant recorded every single detail of his scheme. Forensic investigator Trevor White told this to the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday.

Panday’s dealings with police revealed in assistant’s notebook

22 January 2020

Forensic auditor Trevor White started his 2009 investigation into alleged procurement irregularities in the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government from the bottom up. The accountant-general in National Treasury advised White to proceed thus to avoid the possible muddling of the probe, should he end up finding against politicians.

Details of Amigos case surface in auditors testimony

23 January 2020

Whether or not the commission of inquiry into state capture ends up hearing from former president Jacob Zuma or members of the Gupta family implicated in the evidence of witnesses who have appeared before it, the show will go on and it will conclude its work without their input.

Extension application to be heard on 11 February (1)

23 January 2020

Former Eskom chairperson Zola Tsotsi has told the commission of inquiry into state capture that the blessing for a R43-million sponsorship contract for the Gupta-owned New Age newspaper’s livebroadcast breakfast briefings came from former CEO Colin Matjila soon after his appointment in an acting capacity.

Eskoms Gupta contract under scrutiny

24 January 2020

As was the case with Eskom, Transnet signed a partnership agreement with TNA Media, then owners of the New Age newspaper, without a termination clause, in 2013. Officials who reported to the general manager for shareholder impact Mboniso Sigonyela testified before the commission of inquiry into state capture on Friday.

Transnet GM bent on pricy New Age advertising, sponsorship

February 2020

03 February 2020

The hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State will resume on 04 February 2020 at 10h00.


04 February 2020

An October 2012 meeting with Rajesh “Tony” Gupta at his family’s Saxonwold home was the catalyst for the demise of former South African Airways chairperson and acting CEO Vuyisile Kona, he told the commission of inquiry into state capture on Tuesday.

Refusal to treat with Guptas led to former SAA chair’s downfall

05 February 2020

Former SAA board member and SAA Technical (SAAT) chair Yakhe Kwinana has been implicated in a kickback scandal by a witness appearing before the commission of inquiry into state capture. It was in relation to a R1.2-billion contract for aircraft components for SAAT.

R1.2bn SAAT contract, kickback accusers point fingers at each other

06 February 2020

SAA Technical (SAAT) has to date spent just over R1-billion towards a contract that is shrouded with irregular processes, bidder favouritism and possible corruption, according to a senior official. SAAT is the national carrier’s aircraft maintenance division and is solely owned by SAA.

SAA, SAAT procurement irregularities revealed

13 February 2020

Advocate Nontsasa Memela, former head of procurement for SAA Technical (SAAT), has denied all claims of irregularities in the 2016 R1.3-billion tender for aircraft components and maintenance that was awarded by SAAT to a joint venture between South African company JM Aviation and US-based AAR Corp. The SAAT board approved the JM/AAR joint venture, despite recommendations from management of another supplier, Air France, following procurement process.

SAAT procurement head denies claims of irregularities in R1.3bn tender

17 February 2020

Thalente Myeni, the son of former SAA chairperson and close associate of former president Jacob Zuma, Dudu Myeni, appeared before the commission of inquiry into state capture under subpoena on Monday. Myeni was meant to answer to some of the consultancy work linked to his company, Premier Attraction 1016, which has enjoyed numerous consulting contracts across the country, including government-based.

Thalente Myeni kept no records of his company’s business

18 February 2020

Had it not been for the probe into his business affairs by the state capture commission late last year, the safety of the family of KwaZulu-Natal businessman “Mr X”, who has testified in-camera, would not be a cause for concern. For the period that he has testified on Monday and Tuesday, they have been forced to flee their home and take refuge with neighbours, unsure of what might happen to them, he said.

Myeni laundered R3m to Zuma foundation, says scared Mr X

19 February 2020

The commission of inquiry into state capture heard on Wednesday how former South African Airways chairperson Dudu Myeni ordered the vetting of over 100 executive managers of the airline, supposedly for purposes of combating corruption.

Myeni’s invasive vetting of SAA execs uncovered

21 February 2020

“In as much as SAA is an airline, it can’t operate on autopilot.” This was one of the closing remarks of Polani Sokombela, the man who oversaw the auditing of South African Airways (SAA) by government for the first time in 2017. Sokombela is the head of the business executive unit for the Auditor-General of South Africa (Agsa).

SAA was in state of disarray for years

25 February 2020

Former communications minister Yunus Carrim says his stance on the controversial digital migration led to personal attacks aimed at him by those who benefited from the current analogue broadcasting format. Before the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture today, the ANC veteran listed media companies Naspers and Multichoice as the ones that went out of their way to destroy his name.

Determination to forge ahead with digital migration was Carrim’s downfall

March 2020

13 March 2020

Popo Molefe’s board arrived in August 2014 to find the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) in the initial stages of an ambitious R172-billion modernisation programme that included infrastructure development and the procurement of trains for commuter services.

Fake qualifications, non-existent job offers, and dodgy contracts at Prasa

13 March 2020

Former Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) board chairperson Popo Molefe has detailed a corrupt state of affairs in place when he took up office at the parastatal – a state which he says operated on the whim of former group CEO Lucky Montana.

Update2-Popo Molefe names Zuma in Prasa shenanigans

16 March 2020

The hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the  Public Sector including Organs of State will resume on 16 March 2020 at 10h00.


17 March 2020

The commission of inquiry into state capture has heard how the legal department within Prasa is often consulted at the crisis stages of supplier contracts, to save the parastatal, but hardly ever for advisory services in the beginning.

Dodgy suppliers and escalating contract costs all in day’s work at Prasa

May 2020

03 May 2020

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo expects the public hearings of the commission of inquiry into state capture, which he chairs, to resume by the end of June. Among the first group of witnesses expected is former president Jacob Zuma. Zondo addressed a virtual media briefing on Wednesday.

Zuma expected in witness chair soon

June 2020

30 June 2020

Not only the top structure of the ANC, but also Parliament, were alerted of the widespread corruption at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) that remains unaccounted for. According to former Prasa chairman Popo Molefe, his board made all attempts to hold looters accountable, without success, after the departure of the parastatal’s GCEO Lucky Montana in 2015.

Prasa board fired for pursuing corruption investigation, says Molefe

30 June 2020

Law enforcement agencies came under fire from state capture commission chairperson Deputy Chief Justice (DCJ) Raymond Zondo on Tuesday, when he bemoaned their sluggish approach to dealing with corruption allegations at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa).

Hawks and NPA ignored Prasa corruption allegations for years

July 2020

01 July 2020

The commission of inquiry into state capture on Wednesday heard of the alleged inappropriate conduct of Judge Nana Makhubele, who chaired an interim board of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) from 2017 to 2018, in a litigation process brought against Prasa by a service provider.

Conduct of former Prasa chair in question

01 July 2020

The commission of inquiry into state capture spent Wednesday probing links between former Prasa CEO Lucky Montana’s property deals from 2013 to 2016 and their suspicious takeover by a company called Precise Trade and Invest. Precise is a shelf company owned by lawyer Riaan Van der Walt, who was at the time a partner at Loubser van der Walt Incorporated.

Montana’s lavish wheeling and dealing in property

05 July 2020

The hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption and Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State will resume on 06 July 2020 at 10h00.


09 July 2020

The hearings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture, Corruption, and Fraud in the Public Sector including Organs of State will resume on 10 July 2020 at 10h00.