Disclosure should be mandatory

Are you faced with an ethical dilemma? Are you witnessing corruption but don’t know what to do about it? Ask the team of Corruption Watch experts what to do by writing to: letters@businesstimes.co.za and mark your letter ‘Dear Corruption Watch’.   I represent a public interest organisation that aims to inform and educate the public on the Read more >

Sleek salesman has me worried

Dear Corruption Watch I run the sales division of a large company. I have been worried that one of my employees is just too successful. He's go-getting and energetic, so perhaps my concerns are unfounded, but his ability to close transactions is almost 100%. Am I able to read his e-mails, or even hire a Read more >

Fronting is criminal conduct

  Dear Corruption Watch I'd like to know if 'fronting' could be considered a corrupt practice. I have discovered that in several tenders for which my company has bid our competitors have listed BEE partners who have black CEOs but are only superficially benefiting historically disadvantaged individuals. They get the jobs and our legitimate empowerment Read more >

Stop bribing those traffic cops

Dear Corruption Watch    I am a taxi driver. I work long hours under stressful conditions. I try my best to keep my taxi in repair, obey traffic regulations and make a living for my family.   But sometimes I don't know what to do. The cops are always stopping us. Last month I got Read more >

Dealing with abusive officers

Dear Corruption Watch I was stopped in my car last weekend and threatened by a policeman – not a traffic cop – who wanted me first to get out of my car and then to drive (with him in the car) to get my blood tested far from where I was stopped.  He was verbally Read more >

Whatever you say to your lawyer is confidential

Dear Corruption Watch I am facing allegations of corruption. I need to go to my lawyer, but I’m afraid that if I tell him all the facts he may also think that I have been corrupt. Can he be compelled to reveal what I tell him? What are his obligations under law and professional ethics? And his public Read more >

Can residents sue council over rigged tender?

Dear Corruption Watch My neighbours and I have been deprived of sanitation and a water service because of what we believe was a corrupted tender process. Can we sue the council or the tender adjudication committee for the damages? Could the other bidders who lost also institute a claim for damages? Dear Seeking Recourse, Let's Read more >

Government tender fraud: Who takes the rap?

Dear Corruption Watch There are many reports in the news about government tenders going to friends and family where thousands and even millions of rands are allocated and services are not delivered. Who should take the rap for this, members of the tender adjudication committee, or the company awarded and violating the terms of its Read more >

Corruption insults those who fought for freedom

The high levels of corruption in South Africa should be seen as a form of sacrilege of the graves of those who died fighting for freedom in Sharpeville on March 21 1960 and elsewhere in the country. Corruption is undermining the very rights that many sacrificed to gain. Mind you, Sharpeville is the very place Read more >