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Download and share our new public education brochures. Here you’ll find information about corruption in housing, schools, health and traffic, as well as a general brochure, in several different languages.

If a housing official says to you, “I will put your name on the top of the list but you will have to pay a small fee,” is it corruption? If an official from the health department tells you, “I will guarantee the certification of your clinic because I have connections, but it will cost you some money,” is that corruption? If a traffic officer says to you, “I know you didn’t skip that stop street but it’s your word against mine” – what can you do?

You’ll learn about specific types of corruption to look out for in each sector, and how to expose it by reporting it to us.

Follow the links below to download our brochures in PDF format. Please note that they are not yet all available in all languages: