Download and share our new brochures

Download and share our new public education brochures. Here you’ll find information about corruption in housing, schools, health and traffic, as well as a general brochure, in several different languages. If a housing official says to you, “I will put your name on the top of the list but you will have to pay a Read more >

Corruption starts with the individual

Opinion piece by Valencia Talane A recent chat with a friend confirmed for me the role individual attitudes play in the escalation of societal ills such as corruption. I had called the friend to check on him and found out he had just been to court with a cousin of his.   Intrigued at the Read more >

Corruption endangers road users

Road safety organisation Arrive Alive, in a recently published online report, discussed crimes that affect road users, as well as the quality of South Africa’s roads. These crimes include corruption. Arrive Alive reported: “We have to admit that we face serious challenges to safety daily at our homes, places of work and on the roads. Read more >