Today Corruption Watch launched its new campaign titled I am not the only one, with the aim of raising awareness about corruption in South Africa and motivating supporters to help fund our anti-corruption activities.

Corruption is not just the government official and the businessman fixing a tender, or the licensing official who allows an unqualified driver to legally take to the roads. Corruption is the child, like young Lethabo in our new fundraising video, who goes hungry at school because his only meal of the day has been taken from him by a corrupt principal who steals the food provided.

It’s the gogo who for years is on the waiting list for a government house, but is continually passed over because there are those who are in a position to pay a bribe to jump the queue and get a house that is not rightfully theirs. It’s

Corruption traps people in poverty. It prevents them from bettering their lives and those of their families. It steals the youth’s future and robs the elderly of their well-earned rest days.

Although corruption is widespread in our country and we see it in action every day, we often feel powerless to address it. Through this campaign we want to tell the story of those who are affected the most by corruption, which is why we have chosen to focus on corruption in schools. This case is based upon real experiences reported to Corruption Watch by whistle-blowers which led to the decision to launch a schools campaign to assist members of school governing bodies and the decisions they make that most impact learners. We urging the public to help us fight corruption through their donation.

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• Image: Moutse Foundation For Education