Guest contributor

I am staying in Proclamation Hill, Pretoria. In my area, people around Proclamation Hill are taking the rules seriously, they are hardly in the street. The only time you get to see people is when you go into the supermarkets. There are always children playing around the play area at my complex during a normal situation but ever since the quarantine started you hardly see a child outside. This is a good thing for parents to protect their children. My worries are that some people who live at my complex don’t seem to be following the rules. They gather around the parking side though it is not all day.

I spoke to my mother back at home at Giyani, Limpopo, and she told me that it is business as usual. People are going around not wearing the protective measures, which makes me worry that if they are not taking this matter seriously there are many elders at Giyani that could be in danger of being infected by people who are going around as if there is nothing going on.

Another problem might be people who left Gauteng for Limpopo without being tested might be posing great danger to people back at home.