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Arina Bohler

I am not a business person. I am a pensioner. But I do have some businesses to do relating to personal finances and transactions. But since the lockdown, I found myself walking into a wall, taking a turn to try another door and walking into another wall. 

Before I tell my stories I just want to say: If this is how a person must struggle to do a tiny transaction I don’t even want to know how small businesses cope. Orders to cancel etc… I don’t even want to think any further what nightmarish scenario it must be. And then there is the possibility of bankruptcy. I really cry for them.

My story: I came out of hospital after a hip replacement operation three days before lockdown was announced. As a result I could not drive, and walk with difficulty and the help of crutches.  So mercifully the KwikSpar in South End, Port Elizabeth, offered to deliver an order to my door. 

I paid cash, which I had then, but two weeks later I placed an order and it was delivered. I did not have the cash but they sent their card machine for me to pay. The machine did not work and we agreed I would pay via EFT. I immediately pulled up my laptop to make the payment. But because it was a once-off payment, my bank sent me a notice to my phone to agree to continue with the transaction. But here is the snag, just a week previously my phone was stolen while I was paying at a supermarket till. An opportunist saw me struggling with crutches and purses and purchases. So I did not get the authorisation to continue with the payment notice because it went to the number no longer in my possession. So the payment couldn’t be completed. I phoned the bank to change my number but after a number of calls I was told I must go to the bank to change my cell number. It could not be done online. After finding a kind friend to take me to the branch, I found it closed…

Another thing is the repair of my car. The clutch plate packed up. No mechanics with permits to be found in Port Elizabeth. I can start driving next week, but cannot have the car fixed!

This is really a Catch 22 situation. 

May God help us.

Strength to all.