Soraya Ebrahim Kathrada

I never ever expected something like this to happen to us ever. All I can say is I don’t want to leave the farm. My daughter lives on the same farm and my husband has six sons also living on the farm. I send anyone who tells me in advance they are going into town. As for going myself, I’m too scared.

This virus hasn’t struck properly yet.

I’m 64 and my husband is 80. We live on a farm outside Vryheid. I’ve got diabetes, but it’s not very bad, and I’m on treatment called Glucophage. I’ve never smoked, and neither has my husband. You hear everyday that if you over 60 and have pre-existing health conditions you may be high risk, so I am terrified.

So what does one do?

We used to have about 15 extra gardeners and domestic helpers for our Islamic school, which is now closed due to lockdown. Although I applied for UIF for all the staff on 26th March, I called UIF today and they didn’t have any of our workers on file yet. So what happened to the paperwork I scanned and sent through? I asked and I was told scans have been done away with. I must now go online and apply online.

What puzzles me is, where did my applications go?

I wonder if there’s any funds left in this covert UIF fund or did someone help themselves to millions again.

I want to ask what your take is on this.

We can keep chatting.

Tonight I’ll try online.

Wish me luck.

I’m worried about our staff.

This UIF Disaster Fund is a disaster waiting to happen.

I wish you all well. I will pray God spares us to talk through this pandemic and beyond.