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Guest contributor

Good day

I’m not happy at all. In my area we have nyaope (street drug) boys, prostitutes and car jackers at the notorious Protea Glen Ext11 Shell garage. The police have chased these guys from Shell thinking all is well when they don’t see them there. They are now behind Shell, close to our houses, and for the drug kingpins, it’s business as usual.

I have reported the case to our councillor, but it looks like he is also defeated and cannot do anything, because he told me to call the police myself. The worst part is that all these guys are not people from our area. The scary part is we will get Covid-19 from nyaope people because they hang around next to our yards. My neighbours are moving to quieter areas because we no longer enjoy the park. Even when we go to the shops they block our path. When we ask them why are they block our way, they apologise, but the same thing will happen again the next day.

They relax their feet on our wall fences and as a results our walls are dirty. We need to repaint, we need help please, urgently, before we all die of Covid-19.