Guest contributors

These are some of the experiences shared with us:

Monica de Kock
Strange how to keep oxygen in your blood, you must essentially be outdoors, exercising or taking in sunlight, otherwise your oxygen levels drop. The Corona virus, however, affects oxygen levels in your red blood cells. We have a huge open space, but can’t walk. We also have a trainer pool at our retreat, but it’s closed. I mostly swim there alone, but now we can’t swim, and when we shop we can only shop at expensive outlets, which costs more money. I like rules but this is chaotic: you can have seven people in a taxi, but if you walk in an estate all alone or swim alone, you get locked up.
Ester Moses
People and children are without food. Good hearted people who wanted to come and help us by bringing food and to start soup/food kitchens were fined and stopped by the police and army.  My husband applied for funds for our small business four weeks ago, as we still had to pay for staff. He sent emails and follow-up phone calls, but nothing has happened.

I believe the government has been lying to us. Now I heard that because our skin colour is too light, we will get no food or money unless we give our business or more than 50% of it to a black person. As a Cape Town-born and bred person of colour, I am not happy with the ruling party.
Stanley Mlala
Can something be done to help the poor people in Blaaubosch Ward 16 in Newcastle? The people are starving, many families are out of food and the councillor was last seen before lockdown. The people have not got any aid since. Can the police then check on who is really in need of food so that those in dire straits can be saved?
Please help. How do I report someone who is engaged in the corruption of food parcels? She’s from my municipality, so I’d like to remain anonymous. I don’t want to create enemies for myself. I’m only trying to help. I’m worried as people are suffering from hunger while others are selfish and heartless.