Guest contributors

These are some of the experiences our Facebook family members are sharing with us:

It has been difficult since we cannot move out to do some piece jobs. Now it is hard, but I understand the situation. I wish I had the money to get food for my family. – Bishop Jali
We are desperately short of scientific information regarding the severity of Covid-19. Only more testing and time will resolve this. In that waiting time, business will go under and unemployment will grow. The longer we stay in lockdown the worse this will get, we all hope that the fallout of the lockdown will not be significantly worse than the disease. – Jason Stonehewer
It’s crisis time … everyone is taking strain and food prices should most definitely not go up for essential items. – Rosemary Parker
Convenience shops (petrol filling stations) have hiked their prices. For example, a loaf of bread that we were paying R15.50 for, is now R20.00. – Morerwa Cecil
Price fixing stores must be shut down for the duration of the lockdown. – Siva Archary
I’m hearing shocking, terrible stories that happened over the last Easter weekend where people had to pay over R3 000 in bribes to not get locked up. The government and the president have got this lockdown completely wrong. We the people are getting completely victimised. It’s going to turn into anarchy with no work and no food. The people will rebel. – Theo Pink
Miss our daily walks. The library is closed. Nursery and hardware shops are closed, so no DIY projects. – PS Speed
Food parcel distribution is not good because they don’t follow the rules. It’s going to cause problems. – Maureen Moseri