Join us, businesses are urged

Corruption Watch director David Lewis has called on business owners to encourage their employees and customers to become active participants in the battle against corruption. Speaking at the White Collar Crime and Corruption Seminar held at Melrose Estate on 4 September, Lewis urged businesses to sign the organisation’s anti-corruption pledge, stressing that because business was Read more >

Anti-graft regulations: how to ensure compliance

SA’s latest anti-corruption weapon Section 43 of the regulations:   Section 43 of the regulations, accompanying the Companies Act, brings South Africa into line with an agreement with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which requires that certain measures be taken to combat and prevent corruption.   South Africa and 142 other countries Read more >

New anti-graft rules: SA firms to take note

By Chantelle Benjamin South African firms are now accountable for the actions of the companies they contract to when it comes to corruption and are prohibited from funding political parties, according to new regulations for the Company Act, issued quietly last year. Read the guidelines to ensure regulations compliance here. Local companies are also bound Read more >