Guns, politics, lies: the arms deal’s whitewash commission

By Tara Davis and Deborah Mutemwa-TumboFirst published in the Sunday Times What is the point of commissions of inquiry? Are they powerful tools for investigating issues of public concern that can ultimately bring about justice, or are they expensive political options used by those in power to pacify the public and justify impunity? Corruption Watch Read more >

Arms deal commission FAQ, and CW and R2K’s challenge

What is a commission of inquiry? A commission of inquiry is one of many bodies available to the government to inquire into various issues. Commissions report findings, give advice and make recommendations. While their findings are not legally binding, they can be highly influential. Commissions must act strictly within their terms of reference and ensure Read more >

Arms deal and Seriti Commission FAQ

What was the arms deal? In December 1999, the South African government signed contracts with a number of European defence companies to buy a range of sophisticated military equipment. South Africa purchased: Gripen jet fighters and Hawk jet fighter trainers from the UK/Swedish partnership, British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) and Saab. corvette warships from the Read more >

Hlongwane sings same tune as other witnesses

By Lee-Ann Alfreds He came, he spoke, he left. That was the sum of Fana Hlongwane’s eagerly-awaited appearance at the Arms Procurement Commission. In one of the shortest appearances on the stand, the middleman accused of pocketing hundreds of millions from the arms deal:   *  first tried to have the media banned from taking Read more >

Arms deal’s Hlongwane to testify today

By Lee-Ann Alfreds Update: Fana Hlongwane did not show at the Seriti Commission yesterday. His lawyers are negotiating with evidence leaders for terms of his appearance – including a ban on cameras in the room. He has managed to remain in the shadows despite his vast wealth and powerful connections. But that is set to Read more >

Seriti Commission given five more months

Judge Willie Seriti has been given another five months in which to finish investigating bribery, corruption and other acts of impropriety which might have happened during the acquisition of prime mission equipment for two arms of the South African National Defence Force in 1999. President Jacob Zuma said in a statement released last Friday that, Read more >