Bribery in sport does not always pay

Corruption in sport makes its unsavoury mark in many disciplines, from athletics, tennis and cycling to cricket and football. Penalties vary widely, as there are no standard regulations akin to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s code, regarding those found guilty of corruption in sport. A cricketer who deliberately under-performs to influence the outcome of a game Read more >

Corruption in sport: it’s not too late

Last year in April, Transparency International (TI) launched its initiative focusing on corruption in sport, at the same time indicating that it would release a comprehensive report in February the next year. Today the organisation releases that report as part of its flagship Global Corruption Report series. The global phenomenon of sport engages billions of Read more >

World Cup’s corruption blemish

By Valencia Talane It takes a lot for a country to convince the Federation of International Football Associations (Fifa) of its ability to host a world cup tournament. From the time it starts bidding to the point when the last brick is placed to finish off a world-class stadium, it is a gruelling, costly effort Read more >