Brave, honest car guard is our hero

Tshepo Molaoele, a car guard at The Company’s Garden in Cape Town, recently helped foil a car theft attempt by refusing to take a bribe offered by the thieves, and then tipping the police off, which led to the arrest of the criminals. For his honesty and indefatigable sense of right and wrong, we make Read more >

Well-run municipal elections produce a host of heroes

Our heroes for the week are all those who contributed to the smooth running of the 2016 local government elections. An election doesn’t only happen on the voting day, but takes many months of preparation and work behind the scenes. A typical election cycle includes steps such as the confirmation of procedures and municipal boundaries, voter Read more >

Revealed: our hero and zero for 2015!

The votes are in, they have been tallied, and we can announce the hero and zero of the year for 2015. For the first time, both our winners are drawn from the same sector! With 40% of the votes, our hero for 2015 is Colonel Hansia Hansraj, head of the Goodwood police station. She determinedly Read more >

Vote for your Hero and Zero of the Year!

Was there a corruption buster who stood out for you this year? Or a corruption perpetrator who almost made you despair? Now’s the time for you to let us know who you particularly liked or loathed – yes, voting is open for Hero and Zero of the Year. Last year our heroes were the three Read more >

And our hero and zero for 2014 are …

The votes are in, they have been tallied, and we are ready to announce the hero(es) and zero of the year for 2014. With 46% of the votes, our heroes are the three arms deal critics – Andrew Feinstein, Paul Holden and Andrew van Vuuren – who withdrew from the Arms Deal Commission in protest Read more >

Vote for your hero and zero of the year!

It’s that time of the year when we look back on the individuals, organisations, and institutions who frustrated us, made us weep and gnash our teeth, made us throw up our hands, but also impressed us, gave us hope, and inspired us. Yes, it’s Hero and Zero of the Year time. Last year it was Read more >