SA lags in using open data for anti-corruption

Transparency International (TI) recently launched its G20 Anti-Corruption Open Data Studies, which assesses how countries in that group are implementing the G20 anti-corruption open data principles. The main objectives of the study were to establish how much progress G20 governments have made in implementing open data as part of an anti-corruption regime; what are the Read more >

Court to supervise Sassa grants payments

The Constitutional Court today handed down a unanimous, blistering judgment in the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) matter. Judge Johan Froneman ruled that the court will take over supervision of the implementation of the current and future grants process, indicating that the bench had no trust in social development minister Bathabile Dlamini. “This judgment Read more >

How open are SA’s official statistics?

South Africa recently joined the likes of Burkina Faso, Kenya and Ghana in developing and launching an open data portal that makes published government data accessible for free to the public. The South African Data Portal is one of South Africa’s commitments in the Open Government Partnership, and is currently in a year-long pilot phase. Read more >

Open data is a key factor in fighting corruption

An open, democratic government system that gives its citizens access to information on its plans, its spending patterns and its services – it's the ideal that the world’s open data advocates work towards daily, for the nations that need it. Whether or not they will win the war against administrative secrecy remains to be seen, Read more >