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Here’s a snapshot of some of the corruption reports* we’ve received from the public recently, so you can get a feel for the kind of trends we’re picking up: metro cops in Joburg demanding “lunch money”, a despondent youngster in Mpumalanga who says she failed her learners’ licence because she didn’t cough up a R1 000 bribe, and a traffic officer wanting “payment” for a speeding fine on the spot.

Cops want lunch money

“Hi. Where do we report any criminal activities by certain metro cops? Cops were on Maxwell and Woodmead drive this morning were intimidating and threatening to arrest me after it was found that my drivers license expired on the 06 march 2013.  I honestly didn’t see it. i thought everything was fine. he said he will arrest me and give me R2500 fine or else give him lunch money.”

Experienced something similar? Report it to Corruption Watch here.

Learners’ licence? Gimme R1 000

“Dear Corruption Watch Office, I am a 22 years old girl in Mpumalanga. I am a victim of corruption at Traffic department at ******. In order for people to get their learners they have to pay R1000. Even if you study and know your work still they will make you fail. I have experience that myself…..if you write the test without giving them the R1000 they not going to show you your paper but tell you that you didn’t make it and after they will tell you to pay the money in order to make it …..please please please save us from this corruption.”

Experienced something similar? Report it to Corruption Watch here.

You’ve got a speeding fine – pay me now

“I was allegedly caught speeding at 140km/h on the N3 to Jhb, @ +/- 15h45. I was asked to get out of the car and I left my colleague in the Passenger seat, and we went behind the car and  I was advised that the fine was R1500 and that I could pay now if I had enough cash on me? I advised I did not and I was then let go. There were two officers who had been trapping, only the one officer discussed this with me,a lighter build gent,  the other one appeared to be packing up, a more portly gent. The question regarding payment of the fine really got the alarm bells going. It really was disappointing that they had hinted that I could pay ‘now’.”

Experienced something similar? Report it to Corruption Watch here.

Ekurhuleni clerks syphoning municipal funds

“Pls investigate the Ekurhuleni metropolitan municipity *** department in ***.the senior officials are syphoning municipal funds using a firm of attorneys. I hereby request u to investigate ekurhuleni metro *** for corruption. officials involved are *** *****and **** ******. Please let me have the address of public protector adv thuli madonsela.”

Experienced something similar? Report it to Corruption Watch here.

*Extra details that could identify the reporter or the accused have been taken out.




Traffic officials are supposed to ensure order on our roads and keep all road users safe. Reports received by Corruption Watch from members of the public however show a different side of these enforcers of the law. Read their stories here.
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