Accounts of life during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The calm before the storm?

By Dr Azraa Alli I am an intern at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital (formerly known as Johannesburg General). As a baby doctor (I’ve only qualified last year), I often feel out of my depth on a day to day basis, when it comes to basic things like hospital administrative issues, or scary things like being Read more >

Everything in order but nothing feels normal

Guest contributor The neighbourhood is very quiet. We live next to Newlands Rugby Stadium where the railway runs close by. No trains have run since Saturday; usually in the mornings they are like an alarm clock to the parents getting their kids ready for school, i.e. me. Traffic can start from 06h00 under normal circumstances, but there are Read more >

Covid-19 – stockpilers beware, karma can be unkind!

Wherever there is a crisis, there will be someone ready to take advantage of it. While in many cases this is perfectly acceptable, especially when it leads to entrepreneurial solutions and the development of better technology, the kind of advantage that we at Corruption Watch are concerned about is the corrupt kind. Now, you may Read more >

Seeing people the day before lockdown was beautiful

Guest contributor I have asked people to share their experiences. Like a colleague of mine, I am personally afraid and locked in. Since out last day at the office I only went out the day before the lockdown to see my parents and buy some veggies from the street vendors. I did a WhatsApp Challenge Read more >

Uncertainty is the biggest challenge

Guest contributor I’m based in Marshalltown [in Johannesburg central]. I haven’t been outside much since the lockdown, mainly because being outside gives me anxiety. I did go out to the shops on day two of the lockdown though and there was this gloomy atmosphere; it’s definitely is not business as usual in the CBD. As I drove past Read more >

Lockdown in Tembisa

Guest contributor I live close to Tembisa hospital which is on a busy road but these past few days it’s been quiet. The first couple of days people saw it as an opportunity to visit their loved ones in hospital so there were lines in the evening. People that are discharged are able to find Read more >

It’s all quiet in Jhb’s southern suburbs

Guest contributor Glenvista is a suburb in the south of Johannesburg. It’s 5.36 square km in area with a population of 10 177. On ordinarily days, the Glenvista community is busy and very interactive especially in the morning with people going to work or heading to the gym or taking children to school. Since the dawn of Read more >

The education department must act to curb infection

My Covid-19 story: Khuthalo Mahlangu, a grade 5 learner The Department of Basic Education should have planned properly for the shutdown when they realised and found out about the virus and alerted the nation and made us aware of the virus. The department failed to think and plan when schools closed, especially in the townships. Read more >

Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic

Guest contributor I have to firstly applaud each and every person who stays at home during the lockdown, I am sure it’s not easy especially for people who enjoy going out. You are doing yourself, your family and the country good. We have the will to do what’s right for us, for our families and Read more >