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Guest contributor

I live close to Tembisa hospital which is on a busy road but these past few days it’s been quiet. The first couple of days people saw it as an opportunity to visit their loved ones in hospital so there were lines in the evening. People that are discharged are able to find transport as there are two or three taxis even though it’s a long waiting experience. 

The small shops in the street are closed except for one shop but he appears to have the correct documentation. The usual ladies that sell fruits and cook meals at the entrance aren’t there any more. Yesterday was the only day where almost everyone was playing music in their yards, almost felt normal again and kids were in the street but at 5pm the area went quiet again. 

As for the presence of police and the army – I’ve seen police squad cars passing but they haven’t stopped anyone, including me that didn’t have a mask on while driving to the garage. Dad’s a pensioner, so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow [for the Sassa social grants collection], he thinks there will be a line. There are a lot of elderly people in my street and the one behind us so a lot of movement shall be happening.

Update, 2 April: We actually didn’t go to fetch the pension. Dad says he’s not risking it. Even one of neighbours said he isn’t going to fetch it.