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Pierre Mpapele

Government has created great expectation for small businesses to afford them opportunities to supply Covid-19 supplies. We were invited to register on the government portal and on the central database, but that was the end of the engagement.

People who do not have clothing businesses are at the forefront of opportunities to supply face masks. They want to appoint small businesses to work for them to manufacture masks, while they get a bigger cut.

Will you please try and establish for us as small businesses how government plans to roll out these opportunities since they invited people to register their businesses.

We are not able to make enquiries and follow up on the progress. We just have to wait, but until when?

We need the premier of Gauteng to give us information on the budget he announced to support small businesses, and how many small businesses the provincial government has supported by procuring goods through them.

We hear rumours that there is a big need to supply masks to the Department of Education, but no information is coming forth or made public.

I hope you will be able to voice our frustration on the right platform.